One nurse does not a reliable survey make!

of flexibility from Scotland’s health boards. That’s the warning from the Royal College of Nursing Scotland.

Headlining across BBC Scotland but not anywhere in BBC UK, England, Wales or Northern Ireland:

What is BBC Scotland’s evidence? One nurse, Johanna Black (55) didn’t want to retire.

Why is only BBC Scotland with the nurses trade union’s Scottish branch onto this story based on so little hard evidence? It’s a proxy war against the SNP. See this for a reminder:

All of the other BBC areas could report that Scotland has around 50% more nurses than their boards do and that its SNP Government is training twice as many this year:


6 thoughts on “One nurse does not a reliable survey make!

  1. If we think it’s bad now, how much worse is it going to get in the coming months? We are going to need very thick skins and a BIG sense of humour especially on toxic Twitter where insults fly like annoying insects.

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    1. Ach twitter can be ‘toxic’ but you can find a lot of excellent info, and share info about independence blogs and sites and follow the SNP and their MSPs etc. The BBC is toxic and people can’t seem to find the off button, on twitter you can ‘mute’ or, even better, ‘block’ folks who are either imposing on your timeline, or who just say stupid things or who are simply bigots. The seeds of doubt are sown via the toxic BBC and even STV and of course almost every single daily rag we see on shops shelves, their front pages are toxic and it’s hard to miss them, luckily few of them seem to sell by the end of the day these days. But yes that is all going to get much worse, and it’s an indiaction that the BritNats and the Brit state and the EngGov are damn well terrified of losing resource rich Scotland. Good.

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  2. When Good Morning Scotland interviewers asked both the Labour Party and Conservative Party spokespersons if the pro-independence parties had a mandate, they simply dodged the question.

    The Labour argument is going to be ‘now is not the time’. The Tories are going on ‘Project Fear redux’.

    To be fair to the GMS interviewers they put to Labour that they were again going to be portrayed as the allies of the Tories.

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  3. As odd aside to this 3hr old “Inflexible NHS is forcing nurses out, union warns” guff is that it is in prime slot on the Scotland page with the 17hr “Nicola Sturgeon unveils case for Scottish independence” piece 2nd (Cook and Campbell both contributing ‘Analysis by…’ – The Bluenose Brothers).
    On the Scotland/Politics page it’s the Bluenose Brothers piece in prime slot, a “Scottish independence: Will there be a second referendum?” rehash in 2nd and the guff in 3rd.

    Whoever fabricated this nonsense (SO?) wrote “Scottish ministers say they are working to increase flexibility for nurses” yet scroll down to the Colin Pullman quote and see “….for whatever reason, these opportunities are not being looked at….”.
    I suspect a bad news story over PHE agency nursing is anticipated, this guff from the Scotland Office is the “Look, a squirrel….” diversion…

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  4. And 350 Unite members does not a reliable survey make – of ambulance staff –

    Number of ambulance staff: more than 5,000
    Number recruited in last year: 540
    Number of Unite members in survey: 350

    Same old, same old!

    Also, from Humza Yousaf on the fact that NHS staff are ‘only’ being offered 5% –
    “NHS Scotland staff being the best paid in the four nations, the UK Government would need to deliver pay uplifts of between 6% to 14% to front line NHS England Agenda for Change staff to catch up with pay levels in Scotland.”

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