If the Tories are Scotland’s DUP, what does that make Labour?

Former Orange Order leader elected as Scottish Labour councillor

By stewartb

‘… the Tories are Scotland’s DUP …..’ So what does that make the Labour Party?

Just heard David Lammy ‘CATEGORICALLY’ rule out a referendum on Scotland’s independence for at least the next TEN YEARS. He also stated that the branch office in Scotland held the same view. And why? Because ‘Labour is a Unionist party’.

Now Labour is perfectly entitled to be a ‘Unionist party’ till the cows come home. That is of course NOT the (expletive) point!

Who the hell is David Lammy or any political party to RULE OUT ANYTHING ABOUT democracy in Scotland? He can rule out Labour ever supporting independence but that should be the limit of his party’s position. Let Labour put its case to the electorate – it’s for the electorate to decide! And Scotland’s electorate has decided time after time to prefer the independence supporting SNP over Labour. Is Labour becoming seduced by Tory tendencies toward authoritarianism or by obstructionist DUP-style politics?

And why 10 years i.e. 18 years since the referendum in 2014? What’s ‘right’ – what’s magic – about this number ten? Is it just to insert more time into an ever lengthening game of kick-the-can in the hope that something/anything will turn up which will allow Labour and/or their Tory allies to win power in Holyrood?

Fine, principled politics on display here from the Labour Party? Certainly not: this reeks of unwarrantable encroachment on Scotland’s democracy: democracy delayed, is democracy denied!

And why not permit a referendum every seven years – a term deemed perfectly acceptable for a border pool in NI to dissolve the Union – if it is indeed the democratic will of the people of Scotland – or in the odd concept captured in the words of Ruth Davidson, the voting public and its preferred party of government in Holyrood has ‘earned it’?

Labour’s position is disingenuous and candidly, it may be even more repellent than the Tory Party’s and that’s saying something! I still hope that true democrats within the Labour in Scotland, Wales and yes, in England too will challenge the Labour leadership’s position.

Ed: The above gives me the opperchancity to recycle something related which I wrote, perhaps while drunk, in 2018:


8 thoughts on “If the Tories are Scotland’s DUP, what does that make Labour?

  1. THIS IS NOT INDYREF2! We are seeking a clarification of Indy1 – i.e. what they pledged to us to stay in the UK against what they then did.

    THAT is the vote and it should be publicised and promoted as such.

    Frame it like that and they don’t have a chance.

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    1. It’s not a reckoning we want, it’s a referendum. However yes, the British English nationalists’ lies and fabrications thrown at the people of Scotland in 2014, must not be forgotten and there is no harm in reminding people of that on a frequent basis. Gordon brown’s ‘devolution max’ was code for devolution light if you are lucky!
      Devolution is a con, and was never meant to lead to fiscal powers being bestowed on the Scottish parliament, that would do anything other than keep the natives happy with a few shiney beads and even then, UK Labour head quartered in London, totally mismanaged the ‘budget’, in their ten years at the helm at Holyrood, leaving Scottish councils in £billions of debt to this day!

      People mostly have the measure of things, and are aware of just who the UK parties operating in Scotland work for, and it isn’t in the interests of Scotland to say the very least.

      Independence it is, full fiscal powers, no more block Grant or Barnett formula, set by and controlled by the English government. Scotland’s had enough of that scam. The so called union was never an ‘equal’ partnership, and the people of Scotland did not vote for any such union either, quite the opposite in fact.

      Time for England to stand on their own two feet, they can make it amicable or they can be bullies and start an internal trade or whatever war, against their own better judgement.
      I’d advise them to remain on friendly terms with an independent Scotland, but that seems out of their remit, more fool them.

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  2. Mark Spencer, an English Tory non-entity, echoes our Imperial Grand Master, by stating Scots should be prohibited from having a say in their own future for 25 years.
    In spite of Northern Ireland constitutionally entitled to have a repeat referendum every seven years—of course we all know why that is.

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    1. Ah, but ….. the EU is IMPORTANT, who cares about Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland. BRITAIN (RULE BRITANNIA, God Bless her Majesty, Sir !!!) is IMPORTANT, not its provinces and colonies. Just go back and paint yourselves with woad and eat your porridge and jabber to each other in these incomprehensible sounds you call language.

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