90% seen in 4 hours at Tayside’s biggest emergency department!

are warning they are under more pressure than ever. Only 44% of A&E patients at the Queen Elizabeth University in Glasgow were seen within the Government’s four-hour target.

Giving up on the national data where NHS Scotland is 22% better than NHS England, Reporting Scotland’s Lisa Summers digs out the data for one hospital to imply a crisis that can then be attached to the SNP Government.

Only Reporting Scotland is carrying this story. BBC Scotland’s website does not and, of course, most of the Conservative Government friendly or feart English media do not cover A&E crises there.

They could have had a look at NHS Tayside’s, Ninewells Hospital’s 89.9% score and tried to find out how they do it. I feel sure viewers would be interested.




4 thoughts on “90% seen in 4 hours at Tayside’s biggest emergency department!

  1. MSM keep on trying to discredit the NHS. All they do is discredit themselves. The public know how good the NHS can be because they use it every day. They appreciate it.

    The non Dom tax evader owners just discredit themselves. No one believes the lies any more.

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  2. Aye but two swallows do not a Summers make….

    Instead they’ve gone with “Can video calls ease the pressure on Scotland’s A&Es?” https://archive.ph/Q5zbO with Analysis by you know who to pitch Scotland’s NHS as “totally broken”, essentially piggy-backing the expansion of video calling initiatives to rerun the Disaster Gulhane and Tsunami Baillie spiel with quotes from medical staff to reinforce the script.

    Some of the most memorable quotes are from the BMA’s Dr Lailah Peel, from the utterly bonkers “It is just frankly dangerous right now” right down the BMA twist on stats to arrive at “So that means about 114 patients in Scotland potentially died that should not have done.”


  3. “Panorama tonight” ABC1 @ 22:40 on 13-Jun-22.
    the success or otherwise of the privatised ENHS.
    oops let’s try and shoot the other foot.


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