Different NHS Scotland rejects England’s hostile environment for vulnerable migrant mothers-to-be

In the Guardian today:

New mothers are being charged up to £14,000 to give birth in England, according to a report on the experiences of migrant women who have been billed for NHS maternity services. The report, published on Thursday by the healthcare charity Doctors of the World (DOTW), reveals that more than a third (37.8%) of the mothers surveyed – who include undocumented, refugee and asylum-seeking women – received a bill for maternity care after their babies were delivered, ranging from £296 to £14,000. Of that group, half were charged £7,000 or more.


The situation in Scotland according to the BMJ in May 2019:

Of course, care does not have to be restricted in this way. In Scotland and in Wales, a different approach is being taken. There, “refused” asylum seekers and migrants whose status is deemed “irregular” have the same rights and entitlements to health care as the general population. A recent systematic review reported that policies restricting welfare entitlements increased the likelihood of poor self-rated health and mortality. We propose that, in the absence of such data, approaches in Scotland and Wales demonstrate that the provision of healthcare can be separated from migration policy and align with the principles of ensuring universal healthcare coverage for all. This should not only be welcomed, but strongly encouraged.


By itself, this might not mean a great deal, other than to the mothers, but together with many other differences, it does:

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6 thoughts on “Different NHS Scotland rejects England’s hostile environment for vulnerable migrant mothers-to-be

  1. Lisa Summers must have missed this when she was doing her ‘research’. It was not in the briefing notes she received from Magnus Gardham et al at the Scotland Office.

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    1. If Lisa Summers was told by the Scotland Office that Humza Yousaf had suggested that the Queen take up Hula Hula dancing to improve her mobility she would still read it out as fact.

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  2. John, your research is as usual, most excellent.

    As a consequence, I’m starting to feel embarrassed for the British Coalition Party (Scottish Tory, Labour and Dumbs), the BBC and all the rest of the colonial Mejah, who invent, promote and believe in utter crapperoony as “news”.

    Have I caught Stockholm Syndrome? Am I as daft as they are?
    A wee lie doon is in order!

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    1. gavinochiltree
      Re ” A wee lie doon is in order ”
      Such can Not can be granted, other than for purpose of recharging the YES batteries and in order
      To deplete the charge of the No batteries


  3. OT – I note this morning BBC in Scotland still promoting the 11 hours old (🤣) “ScotRail agrees 5% pay deal with train drivers’ union” in prime slot on the Scotland, Scotland/Politics and Scotland/Business web-pages.
    Naturally, Comments had been opened as SO prefer the Scottish “public” discuss, with 1084 comments accumulated from the usual “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade, and the earliest comment 22 hours old – HMS James Cook is making good use of the old Tardis

    However, what caught my eye down the Scotland page was “I worry about people waiting hours for ambulances” at 1 hour old, a A&E special by everyone’s favourite unbiased health journalist Linda Winters, featuring the experiences and views of ONE paramedic.
    She could have gone with quoting “I do love my job” as the title, but doubtless would have been reprimanded for being insufficiently negative….

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  4. O/T—
    The Brits and their “Scottish” lapdugs are desperate (no, its actually stronger than that!) to coax/force Scotland down the path of new Nuke power stations. Wonder why?
    At Sellafield right now, the worlds largest and most unstable store of nuclear waste, in Europe’s most dangerous building, is slowly being removed from the tank it is stored in, via a robotic grab–describes as emptying a wheelie bin with a spoon.
    The waste has slowly degraded into a highly radioactive sludge, which the nuclear regulator has described as “an intolerable risk”.
    It will take decades to empty this waste, and then they have to store it again for the next century–ultimately they need a long term repository as it will take 500,000 thousand years to make it safe.

    This is where Scotland comes in–they don’t want to bury it in the safest(?) place–the deep clay beds of the south of England.
    No they have been agitating for decades for a site in Scotland, and our dancing puppets of the British Coalition Party (DRossie, Starwars and Cauld -Ham) will sell Scotland down the river (for a wee pat on their empty heads) in a heartbeat.

    Imagine a couple of hundred thousand years hence–and a human population ( if we still exist) finding a deep radioactive burial site. How will they know?
    What language or symbols will be recognisable to them, then?

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