Yet NHS Scotland performance improves?

At first sight, that’s bad news. More young folk being referred does worry but what if they’re still getting treated as quickly?

The number of children being referred for mental health care in Scotland has risen by 22% since last year. In that quarter, 73.2% were seen within 18 weeks – a slight increase from 72.7% during the same period last year.

So, a ‘massive’ 22% increase yet still ‘slightly’ more in percentage terms being seen within the target? Isn’t that a very good news story? Shouldn’t the headline be:

‘Despite massive increase in referrals NHS Scotland continues to treat more than 70% within the target time’


One thought on “Yet NHS Scotland performance improves?

  1. This is. A classic ‘every silver lining must have a cloud attached to it by the Scottish media and the professional offence-takers employed by campaign groups.

    Campaign groups lobby for changes to assist groups of people whose needs have been met inadequately in the past. When such changes are enacted – e.g. greater provision for the mental heath of young people- people begin to use those services and so, the numbers attending increase compared to the previous numbers attending, i e none, and, for the following few years these numbers will continue to increase as the service develops. However, BBC Scotland and opposition politicians present this as ‘bad’ – the silver lining has to have a cloud.

    I can recall, in the past when schools introduced things like mandatory reporting of accidents or reporting of racist incidents or sexual harassment, etc, people started to report these and, of course the media shouted, ‘are schools death traps?’, ‘tsunami of racist incidents in Scotland’s schools’, ‘1000% increase in cases of sexual harassment,’ etc.

    The media, opposition politicians, and the ‘get angry at the drop of a hat’ spokespersons employed by some charities and campaign groups and trade unions, seemingly want the complaint to remain, because what purpose is there for their shallow existence?

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