Scottish A&E performance improves


From Public Health Scotland today:

72.1% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

The NHS England data for April are not out yet but in March 2022:

NHS Scotland saw 71.6% in 4 hours.

NHS England only saw 58.7%.

NHS Scotland’s performance was thus 21.9% better (71.6 – 58.7 as a % of 58.7)



3 thoughts on “Scottish A&E performance improves

  1. Great news that Scotland’s A&E continues the upward trend well done to all NHS staff.

    I guess BBC Scotland will be all over this story and I look forward to their headline piece tonight as I unfortunately missed earlier it on GMS..

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    1. That depends if Disaster Gulhane or Tsunami Baillie or the Man from the Ministry can unearth some nugget of negativity from the data…
      An hour ago (allegedly) the Scotland webpage went with “Children’s mental health care referrals up by 22% in Scotland” with “Analysis by Laura Foster” owing to Linda Wintery losing the spring in her step in the autumn of her years…
      Walkers passers-by Pacific Quay reported hearing buddhist chants emanating from the bowels of the building but nobody recognised the mantra “Awwwwww shitttt…”

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