Scots paying more for gas and electricity despite..

From SNP Media

Households in Scotland are paying more for their gas and electricity bills compared with England and Wales, according to new figures.

Researchers at have compiled data on the average fuel bills across the UK and using ONS household statistics, Scotland has come out with the highest average energy bill.

Despite Scotland having an abundance of resources in oil and gas and renewables, Scots are paying on average £1,651 per year, whilst people in England pay £1,554 per year and Wales £1,525.

The highest bills in the UK were found in Shetland and Orkney, with bills there costing households £2,642 and £2,504 respectively.

Data from can be found here:
Further research can be found here


10 thoughts on “Scots paying more for gas and electricity despite..

  1. And without going into any
    This clearly demonstrates
    How indeed
    ” The Broad Shoulders of Scotland,s abundant wealth of its natural resources indeed do truly
    Support the Union and others in the UK ”
    And my dear fellow indeed
    That explains why ” We are better together ”
    But please understand such can never pertain to
    Scotland EVER


    1. Nope, premieroneUK it’s not about ‘support the union and others in the UK, (who are the others?) nor ‘we are better together’, ‘we’ most certainly are not.
      Scotland’s massive resources actually supplies England and Wales with cheaper energy, and England takes £billions from Scotland, for their infrastructure projects including er, the upgrading of the supposed UK ‘national grid’ (fully English controlled). Whereby renewables can be facilitated into the grid. Scotland’s renewables are on going to struggle due to lack of funding, (ScotGov can’t afford to spend more on this) but also, because infrastructure in Scotland is not being upgraded by the
      English controlled ‘national grid’ last time I looked. I wonder why hmm.

      Scotland is England’s cash cow, and Scotland is actually billed to serve their masters in England!

      You really couldn’t make it up could you. If you were to write this horrendous situation into a dystopian novel you’d be shaking your head in disbelief!

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      1. ArtyHetty
        You have reached the wrong conclusion post
        I was merely trying to explain in plain simple terms, but satirically so by posing as a fine upstanding English Gentleman would impart to you in his private club as to actually what the basic solid truth with regards Broad Shoulders
        Actually means and as to whose broad shoulders are really


  2. Our energy bills have always been high, basements are cold and damp (but so was a top floor flat when the wind was howling outside!) and electric heating was a stupid idea by the landlord. Bills were was around £2,500 in 2020/21 now its going up to between £4,500-£5,500 per year depending on which generous tariff we now choose via Scot/Eng/BritNat gas…their er Britgas’ ‘people’s tariff’ is ending after our decent Scottish provider were priced out last year and account handed to Brit/Scot/Eng gas!

    Does anyone here have bills as low as £1,651? I wish! Not sure I can remember having that low a bill for a very long time. Scotland is cold in summer and freezing in winter. Because the temp did not go below freezing for seven CONsecutive nights over winter, no winter fuel payments were awarded by the DWP. The dehumidifier freezes in winter.
    With EngGovs’ scrapping ‘legacy benefits’ and switiching everyone including carers and people with disablilites, over to their disgusting UC, by end of 2024, ‘things can only get’ wuuurrrs! Just remembering Bliars mantra, ‘things can only get better’ lol, won him an election mind!

    Hoping for a miracle, sis in law is knitting us crocheted blankets, she lives in Australia, they are complaining of being cold, and higher bills, about a 10% rise, lucky them.

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  3. +++BBC Hi Jack+++Breaking news++ from ++ the++ Territories++++

    Lapdog DRossie states “he never put a letter in”!
    Lapdog DRossie now states he “will vote Boris OUT”!
    Or will he?
    “Maybe……duh!….Oops, whit hiv I dun”!
    “It wis so much easier wi coo’s”!

    Milkin’ coo’s in the byre, then Cooncillor, then–MSP, then MP/MSP, then party leader, then……..back tae the byre. All in a few years.
    Was it a dream?

    “He put his letter in,
    he took his letter out,
    in/out, in/out; shake it all about.
    Do the Tory hokey-cokey
    then you flip-flop round,
    THATS what its all about”!

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  5. O/T Note the resilience and adaptability of Ireland after its near neighbour and close trading partner, the UK exited their shared single market.

    As reported by the Scottish Farmer: ‘The UK’s export of cereals to the Republic of Ireland dropped 36% last year, according to figures from the Irish Maritime Development Office. Between 2020 and 2021, UK cereal exports to Ireland plummeted whilst Canadian grains arriving on the Emerald Isle rose 34%.’

    ‘Fruit and veg from the UK fell even more sharply, with a 52% drop – this looks to have been replaced by the Netherlands, which saw its exports to Ireland jump 42%.’

    Much of this changing trade pattern has been attributed to Brexit. Ireland has adapted to changed circumstances as can be seen by ‘a massive 368% rise in freight volume moving between Rosslare and continental Europe.’


    And on another consequence of Brexit, recall that on 21 December last year the Independent newspaper ran an article headlined: ‘Brexit: Australia deal will cause £94m blow to UK farming, fishing and forestry, government admits’!

    In addition, the same article noted: ‘The government also expects a £225m hit to the semi-processed food sector, conceding that it was another area expected to “contract” as a result of increased competition.’


  6. That’s why we are Better Together. High energy prices mean high profits and profits are ‘A GOOD THING’, because they pay dividends to shareholders, which they recycle to offshore bank accounts, where they cannot be pillaged by taxation.

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