Choosing always to do Scotland down though women have greater access to abortion here

The above is what they like. Below is what they do not:

Happening for 7 years now and costing NHS England £10 million, either consciously in some cases or unconsciously, Scotland’s MSM journalists see the SoS story as something you need to hear or they need you to hear and the Guardian one as somehow not of interest.

Also, seemingly not of interest, access to abortion is clearly greater in Scotland at 22.1 per 100k but only18.2 in England and Wales



6 thoughts on “Choosing always to do Scotland down though women have greater access to abortion here

  1. Euan McColm–a Brit Nat suck-up and Royalist sycophant, in one easy slither.

    A few of the Royals Mr McColm so admires.

    Edward V111–fan of the Nazi party, Adolf et al.
    “I don’t have a drop of English blood in my body” quoth our miniature hero.

    Prince George–also went on Edwards German jaunts, and showed his admiration of his hosts. Thought to use drugs, was sexually “active” while married and somewhat deviant. Some speculation that his aircraft was destroyed to kill him.

    Mountbatten–known as Mountbottom by his chums for his proclivities, which included sending aides out to procure young boys for sex.

    Our own generations, dear Duke of York. Andy Pandy sex fiend, but his Mummy loves him.

    And oor Charlie, who thought having an affair with his best pal’s wife was hunky-dory, then trying to send him abroad to give him better access to the wifey—a nasty piece of work.

    You still there McColm?
    Charlie wants someone to hold his cock and sample jar while he pee’s.
    Now is your CHANCE!

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    1. Official papers on Prince George no longer seem to exist, destroyed by the Palace, to perhaps hide his treachery. Nor does he get a mention anywhere, in the media, or by his family.

      Anthony Blunt a Soviet spy, was sent by the Royals to Germany post war to retrieve letters sent by the Duke of Windsor to Philipp, the Landgrave of Hesse, knowingly giving allied secrets to Germany during the war.

      These Royals were traitors, and should have hanged.

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  2. On the topic of the Scotland on Sunday article on abortion statistics, let’s fill some of the context void with available data:


    In 2007:
    Terminations performed in Scotland for Scottish residents = 13,733
    Terminations performed in England & Wales for Scottish residents = 377 (2.7%)

    In 2019:
    Terminations performed in Scotland for Scottish residents = 13,596
    Terminations performed in England & Wales for Scottish residents = 179 (1.3%)

    In 2020 (i.e. during the pandemic!):
    Terminations performed in Scotland for Scottish residents = 13,891
    Terminations performed in England & Wales for Scottish residents = 123 (0.9%)

    In 2021:
    Terminations performed in Scotland for Scottish residents = 13,750
    Terminations performed in England & Wales for Scottish residents = no data yet

    For perspective, during the 1970s in some years there were over 1,000 women resident in Scotland having a termination in England.

    NHS Scotland acknowledges the need to travel to England for certain abortion services: ‘In some circumstances, women needing abortion after 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy will be referred to specialist services in England, depending on their health board area.

    ‘Your local NHS abortion service should provide help with travel and accommodation costs or the abortion provider in England may provide travel and accommodation for you (YOU WON’T NEED TO PAY FOR THIS).’ (my emphasis)

    It explains that the following two procedures are not currently available in Scotland: ‘Dilation and evacuation (from 18 weeks of pregnancy)’ and ‘Two-stage later surgical abortion (from 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy)’. See NHS Inform Scotland on ‘later surgical abortion’.

    The article in Scotland on Sunday seems to be based on a press release from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) issued on 31 May.

    This states: ‘at BPAS we regularly treat women from Scotland at clinics in England who were unable to access abortion care locally. Since the pandemic began, we are seeing around one woman from Scotland every week who has had to travel to England.’

    So since the start (?) of the pandemic in March 2020 BPAS has seen c. 52 women from Scotland over each 12 month period – just less than half the number recorded by PHS? BPAS sees over 100,000 women a year for reproductive healthcare services including pregnancy counselling, abortion care, miscarriage management and contraception at clinics across Great Britain.

    For those women that opt to use BPAS services – for whatever reason – does the charity have facilities in Scotland for this? Well it seems NOT – at least not during the pandemic! BPAS has one clinic in Scotland in contrast to its widespread presence elsewhere in Great Britain. This clinic is in Glasgow – but it is closed due to the pandemic! How is that influencing capacity in Scotland? How is that influencing the numbers from Scotland opting to use BPAS facilities in England because BPAS Glasgow is closed? We’re not told!

    I chose not to pay to read the Scotland on Sunday article. Did it include the following? In an earlier press release (12 May 2022) headed ‘BPAS comment on announcements from the Scottish government’ we find this quote from Clare Murphy, Chief Executive of BPAS:

    “At a time when reproductive rights are under attack in many other countries, it is vital that the UK is A BEACON FOR WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE. SCOTLAND APPEARS TO BE ON COURSE TO DO JUST THAT.” (my emphasis)

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    1. Not really – I don’t have your ‘pressure’ to keep feeding the site! That is a HUGE difference! RESPECT!

      But, candidly, I am increasingly ‘irritated’ – mildly put – at the gaslighting of our fellow citizens in Scotland by so many in the media and by opposition politicians.

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      1. None the less you provide excellent responses backed up with facts, unlike the gaslighters who just lie and/or manipulate stories to meet their SNPBaaaad! agenda.


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