BBC UK sneaks by Reporting Scotland to tell a good news story

opened up its doors, offering homes and hope to Ukranian refugees.

Just before Reporting Scotland make no reference to it, BBC UK has an extensive piece on Scotland’s welcome for refugees.

The website finds no place for the story either:

BBC Scotland prefer this kind of story:

Ukrainian families in Livingston felt threatened over relocation


3 thoughts on “BBC UK sneaks by Reporting Scotland to tell a good news story

  1. And, the introduction of the ban on single use plastics has come into force, with a low-key damning with faint praise report. And, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance’s statement has been sneered at by Douglas Fraser, and there was a downbeat interview with the Fraser of Allander Institute. And, of course, Graeme Souness’s risible and ridiculous statement about wanting Ukraine to win and to be allowed into the finals (Sorry about that, Wales!) and also to win the World Cup – is such a sentiment allowed, because it means that ENGLAND won’t win the World Cup?????
    Keir Starmer, British patriot, and Priti Patel, ditto, will have to put away their England tops, and Johnson will be lauded for his world-leading actions in defending Ukraine. Surely reports of his single-handed bayonet attack in the Donbas Region will be coming soon!!!!

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    1. And there was a throwaway line in the plastics report that of course businesses will still be able to buy these, thanks to the UK Internal market!

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