Scotland has most beds per patient in UK

Needless to say, the Herald report finds no space for these data:

So, Scotland has approaching twice as many beds available for patients than England or Northern Ireland and around 15% more than Wales does.

And on staffing:

Astonishingly, NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses than NHS England. Could the Scottish Government have played any part in this?


7 thoughts on “Scotland has most beds per patient in UK

  1. “Lies and damned statistics–oh dear Lord,
    The Britnat mejah want us, to take on board.
    That beds are short, but not the number
    Us Scots hiv mair, compared tae roon the Humber
    They hope that we in Scotland are in a dream,
    Huckster tales they ply us, a scheming scheme.
    Alternative “facts”, fools gold it gleams.
    While honest truth it seems, they hoard,
    Journalism, once a profession, they hae “whored”.

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  2. Ah….but….patients are still “in danger” according to Martin Williams, presumably of embarrassment on lying down on a non-existent bed, or embarrassment for Martin in misquoting so Jackie “Tsunami” Baillie can do her usual “Wir doomed…” and have a pop at Humza Yousaf…

    I note the cause of this latest spleen venting is the RCEM again, but on this occasion Dr Boyle defines how many beds are required IN SCOTLAND over the next 5 years… Really ?
    This is the Times article on the report from which Martin built his own, note NO reference to Scotland whatsoever, no mention even of the Minister for Health, only a comment from a spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care… So where did Martin’s “patients in danger” come from ?
    Dial-a-Quote ? Dr Slick Gulhane ?

    The most sensible observation in the Times article was “Pat Cullen, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “Hospitals are full to bursting . . . Extra beds or whole wards are only safe when there are enough nurses for the patients.” ”
    THIS is the important parameter, clearly NHSS think they have it right…

    Out of interest, this was RTE’s reporting from Ireland this morning

    Media hyperbolic nonsense doesn’t happen in England or Ireland, only Scotland.

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  3. In the past decade the SG has doubled the intake of nursing students from 2,400 in 2012-13 to 4,837 in this coming academic year. They now get a £10,000 bursary and a Dependent’s Allowance if required.

    From the link:
    “”Student nurses and midwives entering Scottish Government funded degree programmes will increase by 8.7% in 2022-23, to a total recommended intake of 4837 students.

    This will be the 10th successive increase in recommended student numbers, with the intake doubling over the last decade.

    To address the mental health and wellbeing impacts from the pandemic, mental health nursing will increase to a recommended intake of 888 places, up 20% from the previous year, and 146.7% over the course of the last 10 student intakes.

    A further 335 students will begin a Paramedic Science degree, bringing the total number of paramedic students to 996, the third successive increase in recommended intake targets since the programme began in 2020.””

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