Herald scare story on bed numbers

From Bob Lamont

Ah….but….patients are still “in danger” according to Martin Williams, presumably of embarrassment on lying down on a non-existent bed, or embarrassment for Martin in misquoting so Jackie “Tsunami” Baillie can do her usual “Wir doomed…” and have a pop at Humza Yousaf…

I note the cause of this latest spleen venting is the RCEM again, but on this occasion Dr Boyle defines how many beds are required IN SCOTLAND over the next 5 years… Really ?

This is the Times article https://archive.ph/ZHUGl on the report from which Martin built his own, note NO reference to Scotland whatsoever, no mention even of the Minister for Health, only a comment from a spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care… So where did Martin’s “patients in danger” come from ? Dial-a-Quote ? Dr Slick Gulhane ?

The most sensible observation in the Times article was “Pat Cullen, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “Hospitals are full to bursting . . . Extra beds or whole wards are only safe when there are enough nurses for the patients.” ”

THIS is the important parameter, clearly NHSS think they have it right…

Out of interest, this was RTE’s reporting from Ireland this morning:

Increased Emergency Department attendances and infection outbreaks are among the reasons for the cancellation of scheduled care. 


Media hyperbolic nonsense doesn’t happen in England or Ireland, only Scotland.


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