Scotland’s emergency services 22% better

In the Herald today:

More than 8,000 A&E patients were forced to wait over four hours to be seen last week, according to the latest figures.  The statistics, published by Public Health Scotland statistics on Tuesday, revealed that 70.2 per cent of those who attended emergency departments in the week up to May 15 were seen in less than four hours. The Scottish Conservatives described the statistics as ‘atrocious’ while Labour said the Government risked ‘normalising chaos.’

There are no comparisons with the equivalent data for NHS England. NHS England doesn’t release weekly figures but the March monthly data is available.

In March 2022, NHS Scotland saw 71.6% in 4 hours.

NHS England only saw 58.7%.

NHS Scotland’s performance was thus 21.9% better (71.6 – 58.7 as a % of 58.7)



2 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency services 22% better

  1. Clearly in Andrew’s rush to get copy approved for publication and get the “usual” quotes he didn’t proof read what he’d written.

    The opening statement is Disaster Gulhane’s usual guff, “MORE than 8,000 A&E patients were forced to wait over four hours to be seen last week, according to the latest figures”, so without doubt he’s the originator.
    Gulhane uses SEEN, Baillie and ACH-the-suit use “waiting times” both deliberately misleading terms without context.

    All A&E attendees are SEEN, given a primary assessment and prioritised, it is the time to destination which is recorded against first being SEEN on the stats otherwise nobody would know…..

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  2. Breaking News
    The Met are to dispatch 4000 specially trained officers to SHNS A&E depts
    All to ensure that as the Herod putDest that attendees
    ” FORCED to wait more than 4 hrs ”
    The sole motive is that EHNS is seen to completely out perform SHNS and irrefutable proof
    That indeed “we are better together ”
    This bulletin was brought to you by The Monty Python News Desk


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