Hiding the facts to politicise the dispute

The BBC reports carefully focus on the cuts, hide ASLEFs claim and omit to give Scotrail’s reaction to the claim. What is the actual ASLEF

Here it is:


Why does the BBC coverage omit this important fact and the Scotrail reaction to it? Because it might shift the reader into siding with them and by association the Scottish Government?

In contrast with the above article in Insider, BBC Scotland take ASLEF’s side:

ScotRail and the train drivers’ union Aslef have said they will return to talks in an ongoing dispute over pay.

About 700 daily services were cut on Monday after the train operator issued a temporary timetable to cope with driver shortages.

Aslef said informal talks would take place on Tuesday ahead of formal negotiations on Thursday.

Drivers have refused to work overtime and on rest days, after the union rejected a 2.2% pay offer.


At no point does the above report mention the 10% claim nor does it quote the Scotrail justification that it is unsustainable.

Back in the 70s, union pay claims were never so encouraged by BBC Scotland.


5 thoughts on “Hiding the facts to politicise the dispute

  1. on BBC Radio Scotland . . . Sunday morning George Kerevan ex SNP MP . . . . ” with inflation running at higher than 10% workers would be stupid not to pursue wage rises to cover inflationary pressure”

    The Scottish Gov. can’t print or borrow money. But The National columnist encourages Gov. employees (train drivers) to put in for budget bursting rises.

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    1. Maybe I’m missing something but why does this report keep mentioning the RMT union? This is not an RMT dispute, it’s between ASLEF and whoever it is with the authority to negotiate on behalf of Scotrail.
      Scotrail bosses claim they have no authority to negotiate. Jenny Gilruth claims she had no authority to negotiate. The only ones, we are told, with the proper authority to negotiate are at a cabinet level in the Scottish government.
      Failure to report what the RMT are saying is, in my opinion, a marginal call as this is not their dispute. Failure to investigate and report who really authorises any settlement is also, and more so, a political decision.

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