Herald writer unfamiliar with devolution settlement?

HE predicts a riot. Britain’s foremost money-saving expert Martin Lewis has been sending politicians increasingly desperate missives from the front line for months and now warns that energy bill rises in October could lead to “civil unrest”.

The chief inspector of constabulary for England and Wales, perhaps thinking along similar lines, has urged police to use their discretion when dealing with people stealing food to eat.


Rebecca McQuillan wonders the above headline. She must know the answer. She must know the answer.

Going by the polls and the recent popular vote, Sturgeon is enormously popular in Scotland and Johnson is largely despised. Perhaps that’s because the population knows enough about the devolution settlement? The Scottish Government cannot determine its income which comes in a block grant from the Treasury, it cannot overspend nor can it borrow.

Despite that, Sturgeon’s government has mitigated UK Government welfare cuts:

£1.4 billion: mitigating UK government welfare cuts

The Scottish Government has to spend over £1.4 billion to mitigate some of the UK Tory government’s welfare benefit cuts, which are inflicting further suffering during a Tory cost of living crisis.

This includes £646 million for our Scottish Child Payment – the only measure in the UK designed to lift children out of poverty – which we now doubled to £20 a week.

We’re spending £418 million over six years for Discretionary Housing Payments, to mitigate the Tory bedroom tax.

And our £372 million Scottish Welfare Fund is helping shoulder some of the burden of Tory cuts on hard-pressed families.


And, riots, in Scotland?

There were riots in English cities in 2011 but there were no equivalent riots in Scotland. The worst we see here are the small-scale confrontations when less than 100 supporters and opponents of Irish political movements shout and throw things at each other over a cordon of unmoved police officers.


4 thoughts on “Herald writer unfamiliar with devolution settlement?

  1. No riots in Scotland.
    The agitprop outfit known as “BBC Scotland”, sent news reporters ( as opposed to sports journalists) off to Saville, presumably to wallow in the riots and drunken street disturbances —-that never happened.
    Meanwhile, down in Englandshire pitch invasions and fights at the footie are becoming the norm—AGAIN.

    So, no riots in Scotland, but we will get included in BRITISH riots, because of the— “Broad Shoulders”/”Sharing & Caring” blah de blah, blah, blah!

    And we are all Brits together–unless you are a drunken Jock!


  2. Look, Look, Lookie!—Nancy Pelosi on the box, in the papers, in the news everywhere.

    Talking about Scotland? Nope–that is BANNED in Scotland. “Freedom of the Press”…….. dont yer know!

    Talking about Northern Ireland, YES—which Scotland colonial media allow.


  3. We have had riots in George Square, but these were by UNIONISTS. The day after the referendum, unionists made an unprovoked attack on independence supporters. The BBC Scotland cameras and reporters were BEHIND the unionists. It presented it as BOTH sides being involved.

    In 2020, on a pretext of ‘defending the statues’ the Square was again occupied. A legal demonstration about Scotland’s part in the slave trade had been organised in the Square that day. When a group from the Green Brigade came up Queen St in support of the demonstrators, the police ‘kettled’ them and marched them back towards Glasgow Cross. No attempt was made to move the ‘protect the staues demonstrators’.

    in 2021, after Rangers won the Scottish Premiership, their fans against all instructions during the lockdown marched from Ibrox to George Square and occupied it causing significant damage.

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  4. I am not entirely confident when we get to the end of this year. By that time, the current inflationary pressures have become a reality we are used to. Energy continues to rise in price, as do other products/ services. With the conflict in the Ukraine there may even be shortages, even if you can afford the price.
    Thus by the end of the year some people are going to be faced with paying the energy supplier or eating but just not paying the rent, or some combination of all of these problems. In that kind of scenario I really do wonder about the potential for serious disorder anywhere.
    However, this is not Scotland v England, but possibly things spiraling out of control in the UK as a whole. Craig Murray has mooted from time to time his suspicion that independence will not be achieved by a referendum, but by the collapse of the British state.
    Add all the above – inflation, energy, serious disorder – to the creaking state of the Union (Northern Ireland, Brexit, and not just a corrupt govt but one we actually know is lying to us), another Covid variant, and ask yourself how confident you are that it could see us through all this?


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