Yes, but NHS Scotland already has far more nurses and midwives!

The Herald has been a rich seam of disinformation today but I’ll stop with this one, quickly.

The Herald’s Health Correspondent writes:

THE number of nurses and midwives registered in Scotland has risen by just 280 in the past year. Scotland experienced the slowest year-on-year increase in the workforce of any part of the UK, amid warnings that staff are quitting due to “too much pressure” and pandemic burnout.

But doesn’t seem to know about this very important context:

Scotland has far more nurses and midwives per head of population. Something the readers should know?

2 thoughts on “Yes, but NHS Scotland already has far more nurses and midwives!

  1. It is a classic wilful misuse of statistics. The headline actually recognises that the numbers are increasing, and so focuses on the rate of increase because, as something increases a greater numerical increase is needed to sustain the rate.

    For example, if there are 1000 nurses and the plan is to train 100 new nurses per year for 5 years, then the rate of increase per annum over that period is 10%, 9.1%, 8.3%, 7.7%, 7.1%. Ergo, rate is decreasing, ergo BAAAAAAD!

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