SHOCK: Good Herald writer clears up ferry situation

The Herald is not entirely opposed to independence and working hard to deceive its readers on that issue. Most of its ‘big beast’ old male writers are, of course, but the editing is more anarchic. I’ve noted McConnell’s work before. On the ferry ‘scandal’ he writes

LEADING global fund manager James Anderson recently highlighted his belief that a very large state investment fund in Scotland, matched with private sector money, could enable the nation to achieve major successes.

His suggestion had one critical caveat – there would have to be an “absolute acceptance” that much would fail in such investment.

It’s clear who the ‘Scottish goldfish bowl politicians’ are. Ironically its the party apparently most in favour of free-market economics.

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3 thoughts on “SHOCK: Good Herald writer clears up ferry situation

  1. It’s the usual throw a wee carrot to the starved horse, but only just enough to keep it alive and interested in living another day…he might be good journo but it’s only what he is allowed to do/say and BBC do same, or used to. A wee carrot, same wth EngGov, thy will impose a ‘windfall tax’ on energy comps prior to next Gen Election!
    It’s typical colonialist/British nationalist tactics.

    I trust very few these days and especially not the media mogols.


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