Link to First Minister’s speech in USA

Readers might remember BBC Scotland’s failure to cover the first Minister’s speech at the last SNP Conference. There has been similar neglect with regard to most of her speeches in Europe.

This continues, with Glenn Campbell, last night, bundling a quick reference to it within an interview with the Cop26 chair, Alok Sharma. We saw none of her speech and BBC Scotland offers no link to it.

I’m grateful to stewartb, who comments in a post:

Apologies if you’ve already seen this reported by the mainstream media or BBC Scotland! This is a link to our FM’s speech at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC today and to her engagement in a lengthy Q&A session.



7 thoughts on “Link to First Minister’s speech in USA

  1. Contrary to your observation in the opening paragraph that this is “neglect”, there are too many examples of it to be other than orchestrated.

    eg – The Alok Sharma article “COP26 chief: Leaders must do more to honour climate promises” was launched in prime spot of both of BBC Scotland’s web-pages directly before the Brookings event was to take place, and appears nowhere else on the BBC’s network.
    It was clearly written to obscure what the FM was going to say and focus on Alok Sharma, subsequently edited to confirm what the FM had actually and further minimising mentions of her as an aside.
    Including “Analysis by Justin Rowlatt Climate Editor” gave the game away that this was created in London, so Glenn Campbell may plead the Nuremberg defence, “I was only acting on orders”.

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  2. Very good and watched it all the way through.

    It must really terrify the BBC in Scotland and the media in general, that Scotland is being recognised internationally as a nation in its own right and the significant actions as regards energy security that its government, its industry and its people are taking.

    Meanwhile the crisis over the wrong shade of white paint used on a ferry grips the Herald staff . Ok, sorry, that’s tomorrows headline..

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  3. For completeness here is a link to the FM’s meeting with Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol and the short speeches from them

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  4. The lie of a “free press”.

    Scotland has a colonial media, intent only on managing the news to our disadvantage.

    We are gaslighted daily, with the benefits of independence ignored and supressed, while Union-centric propaganda is advanced, enhanced and shouted from the rooftop of Pacific Quay.

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  5. BBC camera crews were too busy with the “Bluenoses” (I wish I was there) in Spain and Murdo the Loser Guy who went from Perth, to Edinburgh, to Dublin, to Barcelona and then to Seville.

    Orangeman Murdo was plunkin’ school, but his mammy will write a sick-note for him.

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    1. Yes although Rangers get top billing, there is, finally, an article about the FM’s visit to Washington on the BBC Scotland page, but it is fairly far down. It is also ‘framed’ with a “NATO” slant, hinting at splits in the SNP.

      Sour and sly as always, by the UK propaganda service.

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  6. Interesting to note this BBC Scotland gerrymandering got top billing in the National.
    Even more interesting was this – “A BBC spokesperson said that they had covered Sturgeon’s US visit as a “lead story”, before editing it.
    They said: “The First Minister’s trip was the lead story on the BBC News website Scotland index page for much of the day.
    “It led on the warnings from Ms Sturgeon on climate change following the COP26 conference in Glasgow. It was later that the story was updated following the comments in Scotland from Alok Sharma which then became the lead line.” ”

    In short, they lied.
    In hindsight it would appear Sharma was sent to Glasgow specifically to take attention away from the FM’s US visit, coordinated via the BBC to essentially close down reporting.
    Glenn Campbell’s ridiculous “How Ukraine war influenced the SNP’s Nato position” now occupies prime spot on the Politics page and Rangers on the main Scotland page, so the BBC in Scotland are still achieving their objective for the London Tories…


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