The ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’

I’ll stick with the Herald’s all-too-lame nautical theme as it continues to publish stories bursting out of it’s free-market, anything goes, ethics-free offices.

The MP leaking the report is not named. There is no quote from the report offered to confirm the ‘may never sail‘ line.

All the Herald manages to offer to confirm the seriousness of the situation

are these:

Is that all? I’m no expert but buy bigger pumps and better valves?

The Herald: Abandon hope all ye who turn these pages?

8 thoughts on “The ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’

  1. Aye, saw that preposterous front-page on the BBC “Scotland’s papers: ” segment, they really are desperate to keep the “Ferry” stories alive, again from Martin Williams….

    Quite why “internal analysis” came from CMAL to the unnamed MP is as puzzling as to whom he/she “raised concerns” – The bigger question is if what said MP understood of it beyond a mud-slinging opportunity.

    Yet it is Martin’s “…the number of faults that remain outstanding on the ferries has risen from 166 before nationalisation to 237 in March” which made me laugh most.
    In his rush to dash off a headline negative, he ignores not only the nature and extent of work having changed, but that this is the result of more competent project management on the job.

    It’s oddly reminiscent of the normal Legionella checks on the showerheads during the pre-handover on QEUH, which became water contamination which became kids feeling ill or dying, as conveyed by the nightly dirge from then HMS Sarah Smith and wails from the Scum/Herelad etc….

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  2. Are the ships being sabotaged? . . . not difficult to do on a project developing a new (for the yard) propulsion system.

    Technical incompetence? . . . . a previous problem was wiring looms being too short.

    Pretend we like them. . . Don’t give them Money

    9am News this morning

    BBC Radio 5 David Wallace Lockhart

    BBC Radio 4 Nick Eardley

    Then there’s Laura Bicker recently in Ukraine

    on ITV Debi Edwards (China correspondent) & Peter Smith (constitution )

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  3. I see no mention of the 6 type 45 war ships stick at portsmouth without engine power costing 5 billion as Russia threatens.
    Pure anti Scottish journalism.

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  4. The sinking Herald wont be happy until the yard closes and the workers are thrown onto the scrap heap.

    Wonder how many copies of this rag get sold in Port Glasgow or Greenock?


  5. The ferries will be completed. They are now concentrating on the first one to get it completed. £100million to build a ferry. The going rate. These are of a new design to save fuel. They will work out cheaper to run. Saving £Millions. New technology to invest in the future. The prototype are always more expensive.


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