SHOCK: ‘Sturgeon dumped cancer-ridden lover and has bairns by four men!’

Kevin McKenna excels himself with this one or, actually, worries us that he might need help?

Johnson cheated on his wife when she had cancer. He has more weans with more women than he can remember. He is responsible for a UK citizen spending years in an Iranian prison because he hadn’t read his brief and said she was teaching journalism (forbidden) there. He once tried to get a journalist beaten up.

Best of all, Johnson is on record, with evidence, as having lied to Parliament and/or the Country, around 100 times:



4 thoughts on “SHOCK: ‘Sturgeon dumped cancer-ridden lover and has bairns by four men!’

  1. Yep, he needs therapy. Don’t stress John, the drivel they come out with is getting ridiculous and indicative of their desperation to demonise Nicola Sturgeon and bring the SNP into disrepute. It’s not working.
    Nicola Sturgeon I’m sure will have a good laugh at that silly claim by McKenna, who is obviously projecting his own lack of ‘decency and ethics’ onto the FM.

    Many journalists risk their lives to get the truth and facts out there, to make up silly stories and write lies is not journalism and it does real journalists a huge disfavour, it is in fact incredibly ‘unethical’.

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    1. Also not a good look for him the day after people saw those dreadful scenes of Israeli police/armed forces attacking mourners at the funeral of a real journalist.

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  2. McKenna has the same relationship to journalism, independence, egalitarianism, honest reporting, adoration of Glasgow Labour’s misogynistic Cooncillors and striking binmen—

    —as I have to brain surgery.

    A plastic Paddy and faux independence MI5 front.

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