BBC Scotland say it’s a union only if it’s working-class?

A trade union has written to every politician representing the Scottish Borders to highlight “dangerous staffing levels” in local hospitals. Unison claims serious breaches of safety guidelines are occurring daily due to a lack of nurses, auxiliaries and porters.

Notice they’ve added nurses even through they don’t represent them?

The BMA and the royal colleges of nurses and surgeons are trade unions for doctors, nurses and surgeons but they’re never presented as such. We hear, instead, claims from a ‘leading doctor’ or ‘nurses’ or ‘top surgeon’, but this is a claim from Unison who represent the porters and the cleaners and which, like the others, serves only to further its members’ pay and conditions. Like the others you can’t trust them as reliable sources.

However, BBC Scotland go on to do just that despite clear evidence that Scotland has far better staffing than in NHS England.

The evidence? It’s here:

I don’t know if Scotland’s hospitals have more porters or cleaners but I do know that Health Secretary in 2009, Nicola Sturgeon, made sure cleaning stayed in-house and it paid off :


6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland say it’s a union only if it’s working-class?

  1. The anti SNP, anti Scottish democracy tactics, is all the British nationalists have. To portray Scotland’s services as positive, especially in contrast to England, is just never going to happen, and the British nationalist media assault on the people of Scotland is very sinister indeed, in a democracy.
    Just have to keep on with calling them out and sharing their BritNat lies as widely as possible on social media.
    Thanks John, for your dedication.

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  2. O/T
    No idea why there was a court case re Natalie Magarry, she was never going to be found innocent anyway. Wonder if they’ll lock her up. I know embezzlement is a disgraceful offense, but £25k?


    1. Ah but, as you’ll notice from the headline, she apparently did it while rail services were being axed. Or, possibly, caused them to be axed – hard to tell…

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    2. They DID lock her up, very shortly after she had given birth. However, the initial trial was deemed faulty and she was released. She should NOT have been jailed. As you say, embezzlement is a disgraceful betrayal of trust, but compared to the sums fraudulently being disposed of in the money laundering factory that is the City of London, it is peanuts.

      But, the moralists will claim, “It’s the principle of the thing. If we let one off, EVERYBODY will be doing it. We need a DETERRENT”.

      Almost all of us are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with others, including strangers, but this does not fit the baleful ‘human beast’ narrative of the media.

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    3. It was her second Court case over the issue. If I remember correctly, which I may not since I did not follow it in detail, she pled guilty in the first case but lawyers successfully appealed and she got a second trial.


  3. The Unison official interviewed on RS Matt McLaughlin is a failed Labour election candidate. It obviously still hurts when you hear the bitterness in his attacks on the Scottish Government

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