Has BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers missed the emergency waiting times improvement?

A&E Waiting Times?

By stewartb:

Published today (10 May) are the latest performance data for A&E waiting times in NHS Scotland. Nothing appearing (yet!) on the BBC News website – no headline, no article. I wonder why?

In the week ending 1 May, 2022 compliance with the 4 hour waiting time target improved to 71.6%. This is the best performance in the past c.3 months and follows steady improvement across recent weeks.

Notably, NHS Tayside which had 1,597 ‘attendances’ in the week attained a 92% performance against the 4 hour target. (Still puzzled why health journalists and opposition politicians don’t press the obvious question: if Tayside can achieve this, why does no other major health board covering a large centre of population even come close?)

Across the whole of NHS Scotland, the number of patients waiting over 4, 8 or 12 hours is also down.

For relevant context. in this latest weekly report attendances at A&E reached 25,692. This number has climbed steeply and near consistently from 18,946 in the week to 26 December 2021. This increasing demand coupled with the improvements in waiting times merits favourable mention by a media outlet such as BBC Scotland which has devoted so much effort to negative reporting about NHS Scotland for so long.

Source: https://www.publichealthscotland.scot/publications/nhs-performs-weekly-update-of-emergency-department-activity-and-waiting-time-statistics/nhs-performs-weekly-update-of-emergency-department-activity-and-waiting-time-statistics-week-ending-1-may-2022/

For perspective, in the latest performance data for equivalent A&E departments in NHS England (for month of March 2022), just 58.6 % of ‘attendances’ complied with the 4 hour waiting time target. This was the lowest performance since the collection of waiting time data began.


3 thoughts on “Has BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers missed the emergency waiting times improvement?

  1. Bbc scum always misinform the public


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  2. To your “Has BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers missed the emergency waiting times improvement?”, the answer is no, she had already written – “Crowded A&Es mean Scottish paramedics play the waiting game” https://archive.ph/frIc0 where “BBC Scotland joined Moira and colleague Blair Paul at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where they were among seven ambulances waiting to drop off patients”

    Rather than the perspective you gave, Summers went for the exception to paint a picture ambulance crews and call handlers feeling sorry that they’ve let down patients.

    Yet compare the published figures with her “Waiting times in emergency departments have been among the worst on record in recent months as the NHS deals with the Covid pandemic and staff absences” and it’s fairly clear Pacific Quay are not about to let mere facts get in the way of their agenda…

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  3. The numbers attending A&E are almost back to pre-pandemic levels I.e. 26k to ca30k per week. A&E depts however are not back to pre-pandemic staffing levels but cope nevertheless. About a quarter of patients who attend A&E end up being admitted but the pressure on beds because of Covid patients probably means longer waits in A&E before these patients get to a ward.

    Overall given the circumstances A&E in Scotland is coping pretty well. But God forbid those words ever pass the lips of a BBC reporter.

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