Erasmus to run until 2024 so…

Fed by the Lib Dem’s Liam McArthur, the Herald repeats his exaggerated response to the news that there is no ‘confirmed timetable for the consultation process’ into a Scottish equivalent for a scheme which need not launch until 2025, after the 2nd independence referendum and possible re-entry of Scotland into the EU, with a consequent return to Erasmus funding.

At the Spending Review 2021, the UK Government confirmed funding for the Turing Scheme for the next three years, including maintaining total funding for mobilities and delivery of the scheme at £110 million for the 2022/23 Academic Year.


2 thoughts on “Erasmus to run until 2024 so…

  1. Catastrophic consequences of England’s Brexit negatively impacting on the people of Scotland is the SNPs fault.
    Just imagine had Scotland not been dragged out of the EU, and had Scotland been included in talks in decision making after England dragged Scotland out of the EU, we wouldn’t all need to be worrying about the terrible economic, social and political consequences that England’s Brexit is having.
    How dare the Herald, lying rag, attempt to smear the SNP over the negative and destructive, disgraceful, backward and dangerous BREXIT that the majority of the people of Scotland voted against in the first place.

    I watch DW news, yesterday they were discussing the EU and mentioned Brexit, ‘of course the UK voted to leave the EU ‘. Scotland is a region of the UK in the eyes of other countries, especially when it comes to England’s Brexit.
    The UK is toxic, dangerous and utterly undemocratic, why is support for Scottish independence not at 70% at least! I despair.

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    1. Me too, too many not sufficiently interested to even find out basic facts, but plenty of conversations about the latest “news” on tv or msm about “Strictly”, celebrity goings on, etc

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