The Labour Puppet

In the Herald, on an election day, a platform for Scottish Labour to display, once more, their lack of self-awareness and all-round dimness:

ANAS Sarwar has urged voters to remove the SNP’s “puppets” from councils to allow the reversal of budget cuts and rebuilding of communities.

I’m guessing he means that SNP councillors are puppets of the SNP Government but surely he knows that as soon as he mentions ‘puppets’, we are all reminded that he is only the branch manager in Scotland for Keir Starmer’s rightist UK Labour Party.

Here he is with his puppet-master.

Keir needs no strings. Anas knows how to behave.

The evidence of Sarwar’s puppet status, in marked contrast to the Labour leader in Wales, has been on regular display. First on a referendum:

Second, on Trident:

I’m sure you can think of more.

9 thoughts on “The Labour Puppet

  1. It’s projection and Sarwar is panicking, ha ha! There in England this week they wheeled out Bliar telling people how fab the past was under Labour, on his watch, crikey. Of course post Thatcher it was a low bar, so easy for Labour’s signature tune, ‘things can only get better’ given they could hardly have been much worse!

    In Scotland we recently had Sarwar via one of his YouTube ads telling people in Scotland not to look back, think of the future and all will be fab if you just vote for us, forget the terrible Labour administration at Holyrood who sent back £billions of Scotland’s money to London and plunged your councils into £billions of debt for the next couple of decades via their PFI scheme/scam. We could also mention the total lack of investment in infrastructure, and building just six council houses during their ten year tenure. Looking back is crucial when it comes to politics and that’s what Scotland is doing.

    I suspect Labour and Tories are in for a shock, people will vote for anyone but them. Scotland didn’t vote for Tory Brexit and Starmer is a Brexiter so why would the majority of the people of Scotland do anything but mark Labour candidates as the very last choice on the ballot.

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  2. Sarwar and Herald are an admirable combination as both are yesterday’s depiction of forlorn Societies bent on turning the clock backwards. It will not happen of course. Scotland and especially Northern Ireland are both on a fresh rejuvenated trajectory and will leave those mentioned in the slipstream of history!

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  3. The party emblems on the ballot paper might only be the size of a postage stamp but are highly significant as they symbolise everything about the party on the only piece of paper that really counts in the election.
    Thursday 5th May 2022 is the day when potential Labour voters will see if the Scottish Branch of the Labour Party’s new Thistle emblem actually appears on ballot paper instead of the Rose.
    A recent search of the Electoral Commission site revealed that Labour Party HQ had not registered the Thistle Emblem with the Electoral Commission so it could not appear against the Labour Party candidates names.
    In fact Labour Party HQ had not even submitted an application to register the new emblem.
    Will the Labour ever replace the symbolic English Rose with the equally symbolic Scottish Thistle on the ballot papers in Scotland ?

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  4. I’m not sure Sarwar’s script-writer thought that statement through “…to allow the reversal of budget cuts and rebuilding of communities”.

    Sarwar much as DRoss, ACH-him and their advisers, operate in a bubble where they presume the public are just stupid enough to believe the makeup of local councils determines funding levels rather than what Westminster decrees.

    As your prior article demonstrated, the top-up in funding by SG outstrips that of Wales, so is Sarwar seriously suggesting this be reversed ?
    That “rebuilding of communities” be reversed ?

    All too often Councils are hobbled by political gamesmanship, rarely does this work for the benefit of the public they are elected to serve.

    Like DRoss, the “foot in mouth” problem persists…

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  5. So: ‘ANAS Sarwar has urged voters to remove the SNP’s “puppets” from councils to allow the reversal of budget cuts and rebuilding of communities.’

    I’m puzzled. These ‘funding cuts’ he refers to are, if real, a result of decisions made by another elected body: there are no elections today to that other elected body. But Labour councillors are special: they will have magic powers: powers to set new fiscal and budgeting policies in Holyrood.

    Well why not? This is easily achieved. After all these are the same councillors that Mr Sarwar tells us will, if elected, use their magic powers to save us hundreds – or was it thousands – of pounds. All possible when Labour councillors use their magic powers on the Tories in Westminster in order to have a windfall tax on oil companies delivered.

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  6. “Puppet—a person, group or country under the control of another”.

    Sarwar–controlled from London.
    Scottish Labour–a non-existent entity controlled from England.

    Sarwar–“Scottish” Labour candidates cannot stand if they believe in the same self-rule policy, as advocated by Keir Hardie.

    Sarwar–“Scottish” labour locally ELECTED councillors cannot make local decisions without his PERSONAL approval.

    Sarwar–“Scottish” Labour ELECTED councillors cannot agree to work with others without his PERSONAL approval.
    Democracy? Hahaha!

    The Herald (and Hootsmon) make an issue of Sturgeon being “out of touch” because of her wages, yet do not extent that to millionaire Sarwar, or multi-income Ross.
    Journalism? Hahahaha!

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  7. Puppet or Russian Doll?

    Labour Russian Doll—
    A doll of Starmer–
    inside of which is a doll of Starwars,
    inside of which is a doll of Ballie,
    inside of which is a doll of Glen Campbell
    inside of which is a doll of James Cooke
    inside of which is a doll of Tom Gordon,
    inside of which is a doll of Drossie,
    inside of which is a doll of Cauld-Ham,
    inside of which is a doll of the ghost of Jaikie Burd

    and so on until you get utterly sick of Labour dolls, and move on to more adult things!


  8. Wow, just wow. You’re back and how! Just spent a very enjoyable hour going through all your posts from the last few days. Great to have you back but pace yourself you left a huge gap and were missed.

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