BBC Scotland pushes less effective and less tolerable medication for political reasons

Based on a B Celebrity-led campaign, BBC Scotland has once again weaponised the NHS in the run-up to elections.

Though well-staffed with researchers, they have made no effort to check the peer-reviewed research evidence explaining presumably why both the medicine approval systems in Scotland and England have not recommended Utrogestan before.

It took me 5 minutes to find these two research reports:

Luteal phase support with Crinone 8% vaginal gel (90 mg daily) resulted in better clinical pregnancy and implantation rates than Utrogestan vaginal capsules (200 mg, four times daily) in IVF/ICSI-BT cycles.

The similar rates of clinical pregnancies (33 [1%] vs. 30 [9%]) were obtained by using either Crinone 8% vaginal P gel or Utrogestan vaginal capsules. Overall tolerability and acceptability were significantly better in the Crinone group than in the Utrogestan group. The efficacy of the two vaginal P formulations was nearly the same, but the tolerability and acceptability of Crinone 8% gel were superior, in the opinion of patients.

In Comparative study of the efficacy and tolerability of two vaginal progesterone formulations, Crinone 8% gel and Utrogestan capsules, used for luteal support in Fertility and Sterility, No 2, 2006:



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