Herald wrong on fire risk at New Southern General

THE builders of Glasgow’s flawed £842million super-hospital have withdrawn from discussions about faulty cladding that could pose a fire risk, according to official documents.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said Multiplex had advised that it will no longer engage in ‘without prejudice” meetings regarding repairs to the linings in the walls of the atrium of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

It emerged in March that concerns over fire retardant sheeting on cavity insulation had been been raised to NHS bosses by the building’s main contractor.

If a fire were to occur, there are fears that it would spread rapidly through the 1,677-bed facility with the potential to cause ‘catastrophic’ consequences.


Further down, contradicting the above ‘fears’, we read:

The health board said it had been assured the hospital is an extremely safe building by Health Facilities Scotland and their National Fire Advisor.

Why is the National Fire Advisor not concerned? Here’s why:

According to BBC Scotland in August 2021:

Residents of a multi-storey block of flats in Glasgow had to be evacuated after a fire broke out on the 17th floor. Fire crews were called to the block on Lincoln Avenue in the Knightswood area of the city at 04:08. Residents were safely removed from the building by the fire service and there were no casualties. A total of nine fire appliances attended the incident which took about five hours to bring under full control. A spokeswoman for Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “Operations control mobilised nine appliances to Lincoln Avenue where the fire was affecting the 17th floor of the multi-storey block of flats.” The spokeswoman said residents from the 17th and 18th floors were removed and the fire has been extinguished.

Onlookers wondered why the fire did not spread to other floors. Here are some reasons we posted last year:

The Chimney Effect

This cannot happen in Scotland

As I understand it, it is not so much the flammability of the material used as the construction of the external cladding to deny the spread of fire via a chimney effect.

Reader Gordon Darge wrote for us in January 2020:

As a chartered architect in Scotland for 40 years I can confirm that the Building Regulations Technical Standards Scotland have for two decades required cavity fire barriers

2.4 Cavities
Mandatory Standard
Standard 2.4
Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, the spread of fire and smoke within cavities in its structure and fabric is inhibited.

This includes for example, around the head, jambs and sill of an external door or window opening, at all floor levels and building corners etc. to prevent the spread of fire in building cavities. This would have prevented the spread of the fire at Grenfell Tower.

3 thoughts on “Herald wrong on fire risk at New Southern General

  1. The key to this quite simply put are the 2 crucial words
    “Without Prejudice ”
    This strongly indicates
    1.The talks going round and round in circles like a mad dog chasing its tail
    2.If matters were really of a most serious nature both
    Fiscally and Fire risk
    Then NHS would escalate quickly and to a ccondition
    Of “With Full Prejudice ”
    When you deploy such above wording and with a caveat of limited timescale to respond
    If you ignore such then it is legally at the Greatest of Your Peril,as such is considered that you failed to defend yourselves in a proper manner

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  2. Oh do be fair John, the Herelad are desperate for some negative propaganda without breaking the purdah rules, hence attempting to revive the QEUH propaganda story with the obligatory “flawed” in the intro, then regurgitate all the previous “stories” including Millie Mae…
    The term “flawed” could equally be attributed to the author Caroline Wilson, as in the logic of creating a “story” contradicted by an included statement in the 3rd lat paragraph completely undermining the justification for the piece of “Health Facilities Scotland and their National Fire Advisor” being perfectly happy.
    But there again fire hazard was just the excuse….

    I wouldn’t dwell too much on the mechanics of how the Grenfell fire occurred rather than the administration when works were executed.
    QEUH did NOT have a Contractor certifying his own work with building control and fire experts kept out of the loop.

    The Grenfell tragedy snuffed out many lives, but it all began with Tory dogma in the London Borough of Kensington…

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