Jeanne Freeman’s quick action saved many lives in care homes

Discharges from hospitals to care homes, in Scotland, were made by professionals in both locations with a view to saving lives. The Scottish Government did not interfere other than to remind care homes of their longstanding responsibilities to protect residents by implementing the isolation procedures they should have had ready after decades of flu outbreaks.

The Scottish health secretary, contrary to her English equivalent, ensured earlier vaccination in care homes, in line with the JCVI guidance, to do so before all other groups and, consequently achieve a far lower death rate:


The above graph revealing starkly the cost in lives of the failure in England to fully implement the JCVI guidance and vaccinate care home residents before all other groups was compiled by Na Sirf Musiqi from official sources.

It’s a story never told on MSM. It’s a far greater sin than wasting money on wallpaper.

This shows the impact of the vaccinations as the began to confer immunity on many in Scottish care homes from the middle of January 2021:


The contrast was stark in the first few months:

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 26th February, 9 088 care home residents in England died from confirmed Covid-19.

From the 1st of January 2021 until the 28th February, 532 care home residents in Scotland died from confirmed Covid-19.

England has ten times the population so pro-rata might have been expected to have ten times as many deaths, 5 320, but had around 3 700 more.

Had NHS England, followed the JCVI advice and vaccinated care home residents as a priority above all others, 3 700 lives might have been saved.

Who told them not to follow the JCVI advice? Who told NHS Scotland to follow it?

We know. Will the UK media tell everyone else?


8 thoughts on “Jeanne Freeman’s quick action saved many lives in care homes

  1. Really good to see you back John. You have been missed, but take it carefully and remember there are people around you who will help when/if necessary – ie you dont need to knock your pan in.
    By coincidence I sent the letter below to the Herald on Thursday about 4.30. At the time of writing they still havent published it. On the one hand, they did publish one of mine about the Elections Bill and the Tories kidnapping the Electoral Commission – a whole story in itself. But that said, my letter not only undercuts Sarwar’s claims at the last FMQs, but also cites sources – right down to the web address to see how disgracefully few tests were available at the start of the pandemic (ie just before the transfers of older people from hospital into care homes took place).
    Letter reads
    The leader of Labour in Scotland, Anas Sarwar, said in Holyrood today that “even by March 26” Scottish Government “guidance still said people being discharged from the hospital did not routinely need confirmation of a negative Covid test.”. Would Mr Sarwar care to suggest where those tests might have been sourced from?
    At it can easily be established that on 20th March 2020 testing capacity, a Westminster government responsibility, for the entire UK was 6127 tests per day. By 26th March this had increased to 10949. On a per capita basis, this would have allowed Scotland 502 tests per day on 20th March, and 897 by 26th March.
    This would have been required to cover all the needs of the NHS in Scotland, doctors, nurses, care home staff, carers etc. By 21st April, testing capacity in the UK was 48,273, and thus, per capita, 3958 in Scotland per day – 440 percent more than on 26th March, or almost 800 percent more than on 20th March, when guidance changed.
    More egregiously, I have never heard Mr Sarwar suggest an alternative to removing elderly patients from hospital to care homes. Just what is the alternative he has in mind? If patients were not to be moved out of hospital without tests – which the above shows were in highly constrained supply – would he have been content to see elderly people remain in hospitals which, in a matter of days if experience in France and Italy was anything to go by, would have been filled to the rafters with Covid patients?
    Lastly the Westminster government lost their case last week on the grounds that their policy not to isolate people discharged from hospitals to care homes in the first weeks of the pandemic in spring 2020 without testing was, the High Court held, “irrational”. A Freedom of Information request published in June 2021 makes clear that in contrast Scottish Government guidance in March 2020 to care homes “recommended all admissions to be isolated for 7 days and if known to have contact with COVID patients for 14 days. Both clinical decisions around discharge and risk assessments are undertaken locally by health and social care professionals. There is no involvement of Scottish Ministers.”

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    1. What a shame the Herald did not publish. It would force the endless detractors (like Brian Wilson) to back up their claims with actual evidence or be seen for what they are.
      You should sent it to the Herald daily, until they find space.
      I know my “to the point” letters seldom make it, while what I consider less serious ones, do.


  2. So glad you have come back. Take care of yourself though, we need peope like you with your particular skill set.


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