At last! Ian Murray predicted to lose

Question Time: Ian Murray 'desperate' for a UK-wide virus approach | The  National

The latest results from Electoral Calculus, the most accurate pre-poll predictors in 2019, predict a clean sweep of Westminster seats for the SNP, wiping out the all of the Tories and, sweetest of all, taking down British Nationalist Edinburgh South MP, Ian Murray.

I’m not sure about whether the prediction takes into account the particular nature of Orkney & Shetland, where, much as we’d like to see Carmichael go, he might still hang on.

UK-wide, the poll predicts a Labour win but 9 short of an overall majority. Perhaps they could do a deal with the DUP?


2 thoughts on “At last! Ian Murray predicted to lose

  1. Murray will simply be awarded a List MSPs seat to soften the blow to his unionist wallet , much like Stephen Kerr was with the Tories .
    Labour , the party that always rewards the anti-Scottish element in its ranks – and some of them are REALLY rank !

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  2. I would be agnostic about these kind of predictions John. They cover the whole UK and demonstrate little connection with the fact that Scottish politics is “different”.
    Re Orkney and Shetland, someone told me some years ago that if you put a Liberal (as it was then) rosette on a pig, it would undoubtedly get elected.
    Secondly, I have the same sort of feelings whenever Jackie Ballie gets re-elected as my MSP – last time round thanks to the support of the Helensburgh Tories. In 2016 it is said she turned up with a concession speech in her handbag and won by 100 votes This time round it was almost 1500 thanks to her cultivation of the Helensburgh vote, including but not limited to her defence of the base. I dont doubt for a minute that Murray would engage much the same tactics if it was to his advantage.

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