The best emergency services in the UK ‘by a mile’ not declining at all?

Tom Gordon tells us:

Waiting time performances in Scotland’s A&E departments have deteriorated for a second week running after showing a brief improvement last month. The latest official figures showed more than a quarter of people attending casualty had to wait longer than the four-hour target for treatment.

Who said ‘wholly unacceptable decline?’

The Scottish Tories, of course.

What is Gordon’s deteriorating performance, ‘for a second week running?

  1. WE 9 Jan 67.4%
  2. WE 16 Jan 74.9%
  3. WE 23 Jan 77.7%
  4. WE 30 Jan 75.6%
  5. WE 6 Feb 74.4%

Deteriorating, statistically insignificant variation or even improving?

Note, they improved for two weeks in a row from 9 to 23 January? Did Tom report that? Did the Scottish Tories praise that?

What about some context Tom? How good are Tories at this game?

In the latest data from NHS England, for December 2021, it seems they only managed a pathetic 61.2% in 4 hours and the PM’s local, in Hillingdon, only manged a shocking 54.1%!


6 thoughts on “The best emergency services in the UK ‘by a mile’ not declining at all?

  1. Wonder if Tom Gordon is trying to escape the Herald and get a gig in the Hi Jack Bunker?
    There was a previous Chief Political Hack at the Herald who did this–cannot recall his name.


  2. People who have to wait are non urgent. Many should be attending or accessing Drs surgery. Many people do not use the e-mail, phone facility in Drs surgery. If they need to be seen they get an appointment under Covid precautions. Masks, electric doors, hand solution.

    Urgent cases in A&E are seen immediately. A minimum of waiting time. The staff are amazing. They are wonderful still saving lives. The SNHS cannot be praised enough. They are brilliant. Any emergency get to hospital as soon as possible, anyway possible. Do not hesitate. The service is absolutely great. They are saving lives every day.

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  3. John,
    Slightly off topic but still about health. Did you see the report on the 6o’clock news tonight about fathers who had lost babies, that is their wives had had miscarriages or lost a baby late in their pregnancy?

    It was sensitively handled and highlighted a group of fathers who had formed a mutual support group by forming a football team. They were also making a podcast to reach out to other men in their position to offer them support and help. No political overtones. No in your face ‘the Gov is failing these men’. Just a report of the issue that is rarely highlighted or talked about and how one group of men had formed a self-help group.

    Contrast that with the politicisation of the issue last week by Reporting Scotland which I think you highlighted in one of your articles.


  4. Personal comment. Early on Monday morning my wife became unwell. Conditioned worsened after I had called 111, so rang 999. Ambulance arrived with fifteen minutes. Paramedic recommended that hospital visit was required. Within five minutes my wife was seen and assessed by a nurse. Doctor arrived fifteen minutes later, and was given the necessary tests. Medication prescribed for her condition, and discharged. Total time in our local hospital, which by the way, according to statistics, is one the worse performing regarding A and E performance, less than one and a half hours. I think that was pretty good.

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  5. Person had heart attack. Lift to A&E. Massive pain. Given painkillers. Taken straight to surgery. Stent put in place for blocked artery. Low blood pressure and anaemia. Given blood serveral time.

    Absolute excellent Drs, nurses healthcare staff. Meal totally fine. Good choice. Another life saved. The SNHS wonderful beyond belief. Ultrascan and excellent follow up. Many healthcare staff are from elsewhere. Wonderful professionals. The treatment is excellent. Cannot be faulted. Saving lives every day.


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