Massive salmon exports to EU as Scotland continues to produce far more than it needs

Scotland’s salmon exports for 2021 have recovered to almost the same level as in 2019 and are, once more, the UK’s biggest food export.

61% has gone to EU countries with much of the remainder going to the US and China.

I haven’t seen an update on this 2019 statement:

The export success of the whisky, bakeries and aquaculture industries means that Scotland accounts for 29 per cent of all UK food and drink sales to overseas markets. In fact, Scotland exports more beverages by value than the rest of the UK combined.

But I feel sure little has changed.


5 thoughts on “Massive salmon exports to EU as Scotland continues to produce far more than it needs

  1. Interesting to see how quickly salmon exports have recovered from Brexit ‘problems’, from pandemic ‘problems’. So despite leaving a valued trading union, an industry with a high quality product proves, unsurprisingly, resilient. Something for firms trading with markets in England to remember for the future?

    And also interesting to learn of the identity of the salmon sector’s largest export markets now/still – dominated by the EU, the same one where new trade barriers have been created; and with US and China, ones with which the UK does NOT have a free trade agreement.

    And all this is despite the sector trade body, Salmon Scotland highlighting on its website (on 9 February 2022) the scale of post-Brexit problems with EU trade:

    ‘A report published today from parliament’s spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said it “was clear” that leaving the EU was having an impact on UK trade volumes. ‘It also warned things could worsen this year as new import controls come in.

    ‘Our Chief Executive, Tavish Scott said on the situation: “Salmon is the UK’s number one food export and France is our biggest market.

    “The extra paperwork and rules that Brexit imposed costs Scotland’s export salmon companies £2.5 million a year – on top of the £11 million hit that our exporters had to deal with in the chaotic first month of 2021 after the new rules were introduced.

    “What would help exports and lower costs would be the rapid introduction of a digital export system to replace the myriad of paperwork that we are currently obliged to complete. The sooner the UK Government can deliver that system the better for all exports.”

    So yet more feasible steps to be taken on border infrastructure just in time to ensure trade between Scotland and England will operate smoothly after the UK union is dissolved. And all in line with the Westminster government’s own plan to have the ‘MOST EFFECTIVE BORDER IN THE WORLD’ by 2025! (my emphasis)


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  2. Salmon, whisky and premium products (beef, fish water) Scotland can hold its own. Exports and imports nearly balanced. Scotland dies not have a large balance of payment deficit. In normal times. Brexit badly affecting the Scottish economy.

    Independence would sort out many problems. Scotland raising revenues and deciding how to spend it. Scotland could be like Norway etc. Raise £80Billion in revenues. Without Westminster colossal bad interference. Deciding how to spend Scottish revenues and taxes. Detrimental to the Scottish economy and the public wishes.

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