Reporting Scotland Down again with another grave milestone

Like some kind of death cult, BBC Scotland celebrate only death and infection milestones.

BBC Wales is, of course, still celebrating their steep fall in infection rates; the same as in Scotland but not mentioned here. BBC England did report the UK’s 150 000 deaths last week but England’s grave milestones, such as 100 000 deaths, months ago, are not mentioned.

Most important of all, context, which all journos know is an essential part of reporting, will not appear when death is being announced in Scotland. Scotland’s death rate over the whole pandemic (227.8 per 100K) is significantly lower, with thousands thus saved, than England’s (260.8).

Scotland’s death rate in recent weeks (1 per 100K) is half that of England’s (2 per 100K). That difference of 1 per 100K means hundreds of avoidable deaths in England and around 50 saved in Scotland.

6 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland Down again with another grave milestone

  1. Fed up with Reporting Scotland and its SNPBad bias, I watched an episode of BBC Look East as I used to live in Stevenage, and I was immediately struck by the difference in tone and content of the Look East programme – it was positive and informative, and a joy to watch. When did Reporting Scotland become such a depressing, nasty and vindictive programme with an agenda to smear the SNP at every turn? I worked for BBC Scotland in the late 1970s and I don’t remember this level of negativity night after night, but at that time we didn’t have a Scottish Government. Reporting Scotland is not fit for purpose and only serves the Unionist agenda.

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  2. I note this is yet another unattributed piece of “journalism”…

    The endless negativity is intended to wear down public faith in it’s institutions, it serves no other purpose.
    The selective avoidance of benchmarks has been typical of the PQ’s output, and IMHO likely written FOR the BBC rather than BY them, as per your previous “BBC Scotland’s numeracy…” propaganda piece.

    I have no doubt whenever an A&E performance, ambulance waiting times, cancer tsunamis, etc. etc. appeared in a Scotland only context, it had the sole purpose of blinding Scots to a worse scenario in England, or indeed to blind English to their own dire situation when it featured in national news, a la Marr.
    eg – As I have periodically dipped into Dr Campbell’s Updates, he has regularly highlighted the devastating impact Covid has had on NHS England’s staffing levels and their ability to deal with the “normal” and preventative function of hospitals, yet neer a cheep in the MSM.
    Scotland gets a “BBC Scotland’s numeracy..” piece, and Baillie or Gulhane get wall to wall coverage for their latest wheeze. The contrast is obvious.

    That media has been taken over by the propagandists is frightening for a so called democracy, but that in Scotland is even more sinister in having a distinct political agenda.

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  3. The lack of basic journalistic norms on the BBC that operates in Scotland, is witness to the death of trust in public service broadcasting in this small country.
    A disgrace to Scotland.

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  4. the BBC’s Radio station based in Scotland.

    This morning Fiona Stalker talking to Jamie MacIver

    FS: Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland was facing a Tsunami of Omicron, that didn’t happen did it!

    JM: last week Scotland was reporting 20,000 new cases pet day. .. . . . . there are more absences in Scotland’s NHS than at any other time during the pandemic

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