Better but still a FAIL

every day last week – the highest since the start of the pandemic.

Well they sorted out their arithmetical errors from the this morning:

but they still haven’t, in a long report, informed us how close to the highest we now are or what percentage of the highest, today’s figure is.

I’d like to know that. Wouldn’t you?

It’s down to 7 174 on 11 January 2022, from 9 340 on 7 April 2021. A 23% difference suggests they needed to wait a bit longer for this to be a story?

And what percentage was off? 7 174 out of more than 70 000. Less than 10%?

2 thoughts on “Better but still a FAIL

  1. “…out of 70,000” ? 160,000 surely ?

    Currently 15.20 your time, so 4.35 since the 10.55 revised web article was published, yet it has now sprouted a Comments section with a first comment 14.23… 🙄

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  2. BBC are experts at word gymnastics and number gymnastics, propaganda not journalism, liars not journalists. The UK is a cesspit of lies and corruption, what the heck is Scotland doing still shackled to it.

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