Herald’s irresponsible headline encourages vaccine deniers

‘Case rates lowest in unvaccinated?’

We know that many do not read beyond headlines, so that line matters.

The article does go on to explain with the help of Prof Kao at Edinburgh University:

So, this does not mean vaccines don’t work but the headline implies that.


8 thoughts on “Herald’s irresponsible headline encourages vaccine deniers

  1. It might be carelessness, but I suspect it is the instinctive shit-stirring of journalists coupled with the belief that the urge to get people to vaccinate is a ‘threat to freedom of choice’ and freedom of choice is mainly a right wing issue. So, the ‘interpretation being implied by the Herald is that vaccination does not work.

    On the other hand, it is also likely that they do not understand the nuances of interpreting statistics. The greater proportion of hospitalisations is always amongst elderly people, who in addition to almost all having had at leat two vaccinations, usually have a number of other conditions and the combination of these is a factor in deciding to hospitalise.

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    1. Maybe the current batch of vaccines / boosters don’t work against Omicron?

      The Guardian recently reported


      “Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn

      Experts urge development of new vaccines that protect against transmission of the virus in the first place”

      The article says..

      “A growing body of evidence indicates that the Omicron Covid variant is not only far more transmissible than previous variants, but also better at dodging some vaccine protections.”

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      1. I read that Omicron is capable of dodging the first two vaccines mainly if time as elasped since they were jagged, but that booster is effective against Omicron. Which doesn’t make 100% sense however.

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  2. I know 3 people who were unvacinated
    And believed it was all a big lie and a joke
    The SHNS staff now treating them most certainly do not believe it is a joke

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  3. Clearly the ignominy of England being the last Uk nation to have all its people vaccinated is preying heavily on the minds of Tories and their pals in the media hence the attempts now to stall vaccinations especially the ‘booster’ campaign in Scotland is growing in importance. Simply they cannot allow the Scot Gov the accolade of being the first.

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  4. At the risk of annoying some, there was a very interesting update from Dr John Campbell https://youtu.be/TrVGymR-jFU examining latest evidence on Omicron, worth a look-see.

    Vaccination remains the recommended solution for all, but what I found surprising was the finding that Omicron is age and condition agnostic, it does NOT adversely affect one age group as in the case of Delta. Also surprisingly was evidence over immunity, something which was in dispute previously

    As to the Herald’s McArdle’d milk…. clots.

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    1. Bob, thanks for the link to the YouTube presentation. I found it very informative compared to the wilfully misinterpreted information we get from ‘health correspondents’, whose principle desire is to have more people in Scotland suffer or die so that they can attack the Scottish Government and show just why we are Better Together (not).

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