After Barry Gardiner, what next from MI5? Drop another dead donkey on the SNP?

Four years after the Times first released the story of Labour’s Barry Gardiner and just as Johnson and the Queen need a little distraction, MI5 re-release the story of the Chinese spy funding a Labour shadow minister.

What next?

In 2015, David Leask, thought by some to be MI5’s man at the Herald gave us the above. No doubt MI5 have something tenuous on an SNP figure stashed away for another rainy day.

If they go for the obvious line that any relationship with China supports their denial of self-determination to Tibet and, thus, weakens our case for independence, it’s worth reading this below:


The Herald in 2015 and other commentators suggested Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was afraid to damage trade links by criticising China’s regime in Tibet. See: ‘Tibet campaigners accuse SNP of ‘cosying’ up to China’ (link below).

While the Chinese regime is undeniably oppressive toward minority groups, it’s less so than many of the UK’s trading partners such as Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. However, there’s another reason. The current situation in Tibet is, for the majority, better than it was under the previous feudal regime. See this extract, from a rarely heard story, with the link to the full piece below:

‘What we don’t hear about Tibet’ by Sorrel Neuss

While the world moralises over China’s occupation, feudalism and abuse in Tibetan culture has been conveniently forgotten. 

Sexual abuse in monasteries and oppressive feudalism in traditional Tibetan society has been factored out of the argument against China‘s occupation, oversimplifying it.

Han Chinese guards deliberately obstruct the pilgrim route through Lhasa to the holy Jokhang temple by sipping tea at strategically placed tables in the middle of the road. In front of the Potala, the Dalai Lama’s former seat of power, an imposing guarded concrete square glorifies China’s occupation.

Tibet seems like as a celestial paradise held in chains, but the west’s tendency to romanticise the country’s Buddhist culture has distorted our view. Popular belief is that under the Dalai Lama, Tibetans lived contentedly in a spiritual non-violent culture, uncorrupted by lust or greed: but in reality, society was far more brutal than that vision.

Last December, Ye Xiaowen, head of China’s administration for religious affairs, published a piece in the state-run China Daily newspaper that, although propaganda, rings true. “History clearly reveals that the old Tibet was not the Shangri-La that many imagine”, he wrote “but a society under a system of feudal serfdom.”

Until 1959, when China cracked down on Tibetan rebels and the Dalai Lama fled to northern India, around 98% of the population was enslaved in serfdom. Drepung monastery, on the outskirts of Lhasa, was one of the world’s largest landowners with 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 pastures, and 16,000 herdsmen. High-ranking lamas and secular landowners imposed crippling taxes, forced boys into monastic slavery and pilfered most of the country’s wealth – torturing disobedient serfs by gouging out their eyes or severing their hamstrings.

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11 thoughts on “After Barry Gardiner, what next from MI5? Drop another dead donkey on the SNP?

  1. I have said it time and time again
    Snr.SNP polititicians should refrain from
    Joining sides with the usual Westminster
    Hawks and MSM in criticism of China
    The US has been badly caught out whilst
    Fighting terrorism in Afghanistan
    Along with disastrous handling of Covid
    China has taken full advantage and surged ahead economically in all areas
    Completely reorganising the whole of the economy creating centres of excellence
    Whilst making massive advances in all things military
    So much so that Very Snr ex political and military US personnel are now aware of Chinese prowess and urging the utmost of caution to be exercised
    Telling them that conventially The West
    Cannot possibly win a War with China now
    Bet none know this
    In 2021 their was over 3200 incidents of
    Military activity perilously close to Sovereign Chinese territory
    Who by you may ask
    US, UK,Australia,Japan,Canada,Germany,
    Denmark,Belgium, Thailand,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia
    And The Philipines
    Would the US or any other put up with this
    Of course not
    And something the ABC ( BBC) or any others will Never tell you is
    China has warned all Nations that in the event of military incursion into Chinese
    Air,Land and Sea space Will result in their complete destruction and War on a unconditional basis declared immediately upon any or all involved
    And that China will fight forever and a day,till victory secured
    No quarter of magnaminity shall be given
    China is quite simply ending Western economic and military hegomony
    And without doubt is a Force of good for
    A fairer and equitable world
    Do not put your money on the tired old nag of bankrupt America they have already lost and China has told them that they can never ever possibly play catch up, because if they do so China will thump the accelerator pedal to ensure America goes bankrupt trying to do so


  2. Personally I see little difference between China, the USA or Russia. They have different political systems and act to further their own needs in different ways. Ask yourself this, ‘who has caused the most conflicts in the last 70 years and who has over 80 military bases overseas’ . China has no overseas bases and Russia has two.


    1. The Emperor was overthrown. The people were in destitution and poverty. Starving. China was invaded by Britain. Opium Wars. The colonial abuse. Japan brutally invaded by Japan. Manchuria 1930’s and WW2. There were grievances concerning the Chinese Revolution. Europe had violent revolutions, 1850’s. Mao Te Tung and the little red book. China is quite capitalist. Trading changes and private enterprise. Trading and producing many world goods. China has a successful economy. Highest growth in the world. Pollution problems. The people are concerned about nature and conservation. Changing to renewables. One of the oldest civilisation in the world,

      ‘Scotland the land of discovery and invention’. Many Chinese visitors and students.

      ‘Britain an island of little influence without Empire’. Insignificant.

      China has prospered. The highest growth recorded. The largest population in the world, China has reduced poverty and increased economic growth. China has had a one child policy. To limit the population. It has led to an imbalance of more men than women. There is less strain on world resources. With a. Policy of free contraception the population would have reduced, but more slowly. The population of most European countries is falling without migration. China does not invade but invests in other countries. Africa/Asia. Holds US debt. A protectionist market. One of the largest countries with a relatively low military budget. 1.4Billion people.

      The Westminster Gov borrows funds and loans from China for white elephant projects. Hinkley Point and HS2 spending £Billions over budget without scrutiny. Illegal contracts. The Tory slush funds. The British/Chinese consortium. Cameron etc. milking the public purse.

      Tibet was handed over by the British after colonial rule. Illegal wars and mass invasions killing millions and wasting Trns. Westminster total hypocrites. WW1 destroying the world economy. Victoria’s children avd grandchildren. The divine right to rule. Destroying the world economy. Millions died. More died from the Spanish flu pandemic.

      The Westminster Gov supports Brexit destroying the economy. To stop freedom of movement and beneficial trade agreements, To stop migration from Europe but wants to issue visas for millions of people from India and Hong Kong.

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  3. The Russian and Chinese military spend relatively low by proportion and comparison.

    Russia 150million people. Large country, Military spend. $65Billion.
    China 1.4Billion pop. $228Billion. They invest in their economy. To reduce poverty and make people better off,

    US military spend. 340million pop. $766Billion. Reduced from $866Billion previous spend. The highest in the world. Nearly a third of all world military spend. $1911Trn. Illegally surveilling and spying on the whole world. GCHQ illegally spying on the world. The US/UK illegal wars costing Trns. Destroying the world economy and killing millions. The West illegal military machine. Breaking International Law with impunity. Westminster breaking UK/EU/UN Law with impunity. Breaking Scottish Law with impunity. Disregarded.

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  4. China likes Scottish Whisky and Salmon. £Billions of it. Appreciates Burns, tartan and Outlander. Exchange students and direct flights. Oil and gas industry. Contracts and employment. Renewables increasing investment worldwide, Scotland the best place for renewables, technology and investment worldwide. Increasing exports.


  5. The Chinese Spy just another Westminster diversion. There will be many. Trying to deflect from Westminster total corruption and misgovernance. Poor, bad decisions. The usual abuse. Killing people.


  6. Yes all very timely and a convenient distraction from Tory ineptitude. These dastardly Russians and Chinese threatening World peace again are always in the news simpy to justify Westminster spending £000bn’s on WMD to supposedly keep us all safe from impending invasion. I wonder if for example the Spanish and people in other Nato countries are lying awake at night fearful and worrying that their Gov’s are not spending their taxes on WMD instead of improving public services. Methinks not.

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  7. Shared EU Defences cuts costs for all the members States. EU 450million people. The EC common market. formed by British influence after WW2 to stop wars and starvation in Europe.

    The last thing Germany and Russia want is war. It devastated both countries. Millions starved and died. The devastation of WW2. The Ukraine Nazi Allies. The West US/UK are amassing weapons and missiles on the Russian border. The US military machine tries to cause trouble, worldwide. US research and development. Copy write. US multinationals create a monopoly, using illegalm unfair business practice. Then overcharge and pay no taxes, worldwide. .

    26million Russians died saving the West. Defeating Germany. Russia was devastated. The Russian Steppes. Invasion. The Russian winter prevents a swift retreat. People frozen to death. Napoleon was defeated.

    1/2 million in France and Britain. US proportionately less. 2million deaths. 1941. Japan attack on Pearl Harbour. Millions of Germans died. 75% of the German army died. Spain stayed out of WW2. Neutral. Spanish Civil War 1930’s. caused devastation.

    Germany and Japan were prevented from having a post war military. Occupied. The lack of military spend improved their economy. Nuclear attack on Japan. Hiroshima Nagasaki. Devastating. Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster still releasing contamination into the sea. 10 years later.


    1. Gordon
      Russia has just announced that should NATO fail to stop expansion into former Soviet
      Countries then they will seriously consider deploying advanced weapon technology to Cuba and Venuznelia
      Along with strengthening its military cooperation with China
      All meanwhile whilst US and UK carry on sabre rattling


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