Carlisle pub owner still waiting for tsunami of thirsty Scots

Still up on the BBC Cumbria website two days later, the landlord of Carlisle’s Coach & Horses pub seemed more concerned about safety than trade as he awaited ‘customers’ riding a coach and horses through the Scottish Government’s advice to stay at home.

On the 31st, the Sun’s predicted 100 000 partygoers crossing the border intrepid reporters had found four lads in Carlisle and three young women in Newcastle. The Sun had the Coach & Horses landlord too and he boldly predicted ‘some.’

This morning the Daily Record had hardish (if you’re daft) evidence:

One of the biggest invasions was to Newcastle.

Pub boss Zafer Saygilie told the Sunday Mail that all four of his clubs in the city were packed with Scots on Hogmanay.

He added: “I did a head count in one of them, the Soho Rooms, and out of 900 people there, 300 were Scottish.”

He did a head count? Red-heads? Celtic and Rangers tops?

What about the Carlisle newspapers today?

The News & Star and the Cumbria Crack have no mention of Scots of any kind.

10 thoughts on “Carlisle pub owner still waiting for tsunami of thirsty Scots

  1. Hahahahaha—Our colonial press start the New Year as they , undoubtedly, mean to continue.

    “Lies, all round, barman, and a double lie for me”!
    “Oh, and some porkie pies, as well”!

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  2. Surprised that any made it South of the border at all given the stories in the press about the tsunami of Scottish infections.
    Happy New Year John and thank you for continuing to keep us informed.

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    1. These club and pub owners
      Should use their speculating skills in the financial markets
      Ah but bankruptcy would soon end their
      Speculations and abruptly so
      Nothing like putting your money where your mouth is there


  3. The BBC did manage to find and interview 2 girls from Glasgow who had travelled to Carlisle for Hogmanay. Why had they travelled south? All their friends back home had Covid!!!!

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    1. Yep in fact the BBC who were celebrating the fact that two girls had travelled into Carlisle, who when giggling said, ‘all our friends have Covid chuckle chuckle’, should have reported them to the authorities.
      They had definitely rehearsed their lines, I wonder how much the BBC paid them.
      They looked like they’d been given access to the Coronation st. wardrobe, really embarassing themselves. Crikey.

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  4. Aye, despite all the hype, all I saw in the media was 2 girls from Glasgow to Carlisle, and 5 from Dundee to Newcastle – The media and doubtless the Scotland Office orchestrators are scrambling for anything which backs their predictions, even a “headcount”…

    What was clear from the interview with the two Glasgow girls was that they had rehearsed their lines, it was all due to SG restrictions, but think about it…
    The flaw in this tsunami/flood/exodus story is obvious – New year accommodation has to be booked months in advance, well before recent restrictions came into force.

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  5. None of the pubs in the south were full of anybody. Most people made the wise decision to stay at home safely, with their families or others. Following the rules.

    Despite the bad, poor advice from the Westminster Gov. Pack of fools. Bar owners peddling rubbish. Until it hits them. They get the virus. Sick. End up in hospital or dead. The Grim Reapers will will get their comeuppance. Some of them have already ended up in jail on drug charges.

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