Evidence of England’s nearly 40% higher case rate on Xmas Day delayed to let Javid claim no need for measures?

On the 27th December, the only story for BBC UK was Scotland’s record level infection rate on Boxing Day, of 11 030 new cases up from 8 252 on Xmas Day.

‘Delayed over the festive period’, according to the Guardian only today, 28th:

Covid cases in England reached a new high of 113,628 on Christmas Day and 1,281 people were admitted to hospital – the highest daily figure since mid-February.


Why delayed in England but in full public view in Scotland? So that Javid could claim the evidence for new measures wasn’t yet there?

On Xmas Day, all being equal, England might have expected 82 520 cases but had 113 628, 38% higher.


4 thoughts on “Evidence of England’s nearly 40% higher case rate on Xmas Day delayed to let Javid claim no need for measures?

  1. This Tory government is going to find it very hard to do anything which it’s revolting back benchers don’t like.
    Public health takes a back seat to keeping these free marketeering Brexiteers quiet.
    It does not bode well for the future.

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  2. Ah but ABC ( BBC) have found a new thread this morning , which will be woven into one of their propaganda tapestries in the coming days
    And what is it
    ” Evidence is emerging that hospital hospitalasion for omicron is shorter ”
    Well what does that tell us
    1.Without doubt tis the government sewing instructions they adhere to
    2.So predictable as all this follows a predictable path
    3.They cover their butt by cleverly slipping in at end of article Death ratios not known yet
    All so when it goes Tits up they drop the sewing needle and hospital thread and scrummage around and await the government to throw them new sewing

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