Glasgow University a safer place for your children to study than ALL English universities

The University of Glasgow benefited from millions of pounds of slave trade profits
Image AGF

I did something on this in 2019 and have just stumbled on the Complete University Guide: ‘How safe is your city?’ for 2020.

Like the earlier guide, Scotland’s university campuses reveal themselves to be far safer in 2020, than those elsewhere.

Here are the results for Scotland’s 5 ‘ancient’ universities:

I’ll get Belfast out of the way first. 13.0 incidents per year per 1 000 students, for violence against person with injury.

Of the 26 in England & Wales, none come anywhere near the Glasgow figure, the average is around 10, and several beat Belfast.

BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team should try a night out in Birmingham (18.5 per 1 000).

4 thoughts on “Glasgow University a safer place for your children to study than ALL English universities

  1. John
    Re.your suggestion as to where ABC ( BBC) disclosure team have a night out
    May i nominate the under noted but with the proviso that during such they wave a large prominent Union Jack and sing Rule Britania
    Hong Kong
    But lack of space prevents compilation of a full and comprehensive listing
    I am sure they shall have a ball however even with any from the short limited list above

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  2. By no stretch of the imagination can Stirling be deemed an ‘ancient’ university. If you include Dundee, because it can trace its lineage continuously back to St Andrew’s then Strathclyde ought to be included since it broke away from Glasgow several centuries ago. Despite the relatively low proportion of Scots in the student body, St Andrew’s has to be included in the list; it is the oldest in Scotland. Edinburgh, too, has a minority of Scots, but you have included it.

    My pedantry is not intended to invalidate your main point about the safety of students.

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