30 000 avoidable Covid deaths in England

England has 10 times the population of Scotland so the sums are easy.

In the last 24 hours, England had 53 093 new cases of Covid, almost twice the rate, per head of population of Scotland at 3 117. The 12 week trend in Scotland remains fairly flat despite the new variant but is climbing in England.

Over the course of the pandemic, England had around 200 000 more cases than it would have, had it Scotland’s rate.

No doubt there are many and complex factors for this difference but one is clear – lack of leadership and consequent inconsistency. PM Johnson has been seen on a regular basis refusing to wear face coverings, in hospitals of all places, and sitting next to a 90 year-old, snoring, at Cop26. The evidence is in on face-coverings. They are by far the most effective way to control the spread of the virus, more so even than quite distant social distancing.

There is research evidence from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine of a drop-off in mask-wearing from the end of September 2021, in England but not elsewhere in the UK.

More disturbing but inevitably partly due to the above England has had far more deaths over the whole pandemic, than you would anticipate from the Scottish figure of 9 725. All things being equal, you would expect 97 000 but they had 127 000, 30 000 more.

This seems also to be due to flawed, delayed, vaccinations in care homes, due to the UK Government’s barely-concealed herd-immunity ideology.

Finally, in the last 24 hours Covid deaths in England at 138 were more than twice as high as in Scotland. Scotland is already well ahead of England on booster delivery.

Will Reporting Scotland ever report this to Scotland?


2 thoughts on “30 000 avoidable Covid deaths in England

  1. I don’t think the English government, cabal, are at all interested in saving lives quite frankly. They function to line their own pockets and their dodgy pals’ pockets, and to scrap the NHS, starting with England’s, is the ultimate goal. What’s a few old folks’ lives matter when there’s money to be made and political leverage to be had into the bargain? Will the people of England wake up? As they have no effective opposition party, perhaps people there have resigned themselves to what’s being dished out. I hope not.

    Scotland’s government, the SNP, have saved lives, which is the duty of any government, and no, the so called media will not report on anything positive re Scotland, their agenda is to depress and suppress.

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