Capitalists call for socialism

Mostly well-paid state employees headline the demands for state support by groups largely peopled with folk who pride themselves on their entrepreneurial spirit until the going gets tough and, like the banks, in 2008 feel entitled to benefits.

I don’t doubt times are hard, relatively, and some will have to ‘take jobs’ but things are far harder, as Forbes knows, for the poor, who face soaring heating and food costs on frozen benefits.

The figures suggest, also, that some entrepreneurs can be a bit entrepreneurial with the facts. To repeat a response to the corporate Herald, three days ago:

Insolvencies much lower than before pandemic:

A line chart showing the change over time in the quarterly number of individual insolvencies in Scotland between Q3 2011 and Q3 2021. The data can be found in Table 7 of the accompanying tables.

So, total insolvencies are now a third of the level in 2012 and just over half that in the months before the pandemic emerged (Q4 2019)? Who can we blame for this resilience? That SNP Government?

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10 thoughts on “Capitalists call for socialism

  1. “Spare a £million or 10 for a poor capitalist, Gov”?
    “I have ten off-shore bank accounts to feed, and some baksheesh to pay my Tory Brothers”!

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  2. All calls by private business for a hand out from the taxpayer should be directly linked to their tax receipts from the last 10 years.

    No more out than they paid in!

    I suspect the majority of those individuals and businesses now wanting handouts will have actively avoided paying as much tax as they possibly could via accountants and in some instances getting rebates.

    It goes without saying that no subsidy should be made to any individual or company who offshores their profits!

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  3. ‘Entrepreneurial with the facts’ that’s a good one. Looks like the Scottish budget will be stretched once again, I wouldn’t like Kate Forbes’ job.

    Do we know by how much the English gov (cabal) have reduced the English ‘budget’ in Scotland, (or ‘grant’ or whatever they call the crumbs they send back to Scotland once they’ve taken their cut, ie most of Scotland’s money) recently? I mean they needed some cash to give to their dodgy pals for dodgy PPE etc, and someones got to pay for that, money doesn’t grow on trees you know, funny saying given that they used to use trees to make the paper for the money! I guess it’s all plastic based now. Knock knock, who’s there? Treeza, Treeza who? Treeza Green!

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    1. Did you see/hear the Tory woman spokesperson trying to suggest the UK Gov had provided us with a record amount and she should be thanking them for it? I mean it’s only our own money isn’t it?


  4. Time the Scottish Government got on with the plan for an Annual Ground Rent to replace the Council Tax. it would be fairer and would bring in enough money to fund local government very gereously. Also much better than relying on the Barnett formula which is erratic to say something more flattering than is deserved.
    Most folk would pay less but large landowners would pay more. Time for Liz in Balmoral to cough up1

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      1. I think so. If its areplacement for the Council Tax, that’s local governemnt and thats devo;ved. I think they could take it further if we were independent, but it would be a start. First problem is to get the names of the big land owners as some of them are well hidden

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