First Minister to lecture opposition on how she did a far better job handling Covid than their bosses in England

Tom Gordon, drooling at the prospect, but missing the obvious:

The lowest infection rate in the UK, over the whole pandemic, by some way.

The lowest current infection rate by an even bigger gap as the new variant arrives.

The highest vaccination rate for all three vaccines but especially the booster jag.

The second lowest death rate, 25% lower than England, saving more than 3 000 lives.;jsessionid=Y9HSvHKjM9BOwqAMAFDbgT6A.unknown-host

From the WHO: England actually does relatively well coming 8th out the 31 surveyed but at only 68% of deaths averted by the vaccine programme, Scotland did 26.4% better.


The lowest death rate in care homes in the winter of 2020/21 due to following the JCVI vaccination guidelines fully, unlike England.

Finally, the second-lowest death rate in care homes in the first wave (April 2020), well below that in England:

Research from the University of Stirling, published in August demolished the first argument:

Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK, according to new research. A study – co-ordinated from the University of Stirling’s Management School – found that care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland.

Other sources:

11 thoughts on “First Minister to lecture opposition on how she did a far better job handling Covid than their bosses in England

  1. In normal circumstances this would be an own goal for the er, ‘opposition’ gang of troughers working against their own country, and risking lives. However when you have a public broadcaster operating from your next door country, ie the BBC, the gas lighting of the FM and thereby the people of Scotland in this context, is fully deployed.

    BBC England operating in Scotland even to the detriment of the health of our country, is an assault on the people of Scotland and their democratically elected government, who are actually working to save lives in Scotland.

    My older no voting BritNat neighbour earlier today, avid BBC watchers, said when talking about our changeable weather, yes ‘it’s like the info about the pandemic isn’t it’. In other words they are a bit confused by the Johnson Tory party in London and their mixed messed up messaging, and obfuscation. How risky and dangerous that is indeed, for all including themselves and they are quite elderly. Sigh.

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  2. Also, ‘senior MSP’s’ is that referring to their age? I mean what makes an MSP ‘senior’ otherwise, when basically there are no BritNat MSP’s with any real authority in Scotland, they lost the election or does the media want people to forget that tiny wee matter?

    The ‘senior’, if they mean those MSP’s in positions of crucial decision making, MSP’s are in government, the SNP and Scottish Greens MSP’s, democratically elected in May 2021.

    Btw anyone know whatever happened about the party posing as a Greens party back in May which potentially took votes away from the genuine Greens?


  3. O/T I see the misreporting BBC is at it again!

    An article with the following headline is being promoted today (seen at 1800hrs on 6 December) on the ‘Scotland Business‘ page of the BBC News website: ‘Warnings Covid travel test prices are misleading’.

    ( )

    The short description below this headline, again on the Scotland page, reads: ‘The government’s website to find Covid travel tests “is not serving its purpose”, a trade body says, amid warnings about misleading prices.’

    When one visits the web page hosting the full article the reader discovers that the ‘government’s website’ being referred to is a Westminster government site/list – not a Scottish government site. Why was it deemed relevant by an editor to promote this article in these terms on a ‘Scotland Business’ web page?

    The BBC should know that Scotland has TWO governments and that the headline and/or introductory text should locate stories appropriately, in line with the Corporation’s own editorial guidance. Failing to do so places information on the Scotland Business page that is not just incomplete but very misleading!

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  4. Nicola should go for the jugular and skin the bastards alive with facts.

    I am posting this here so it gets noticed – A link to a letter in The National by Robert McCaw on the historical resignations in Hollyrood, in contrast to Dross:

    As on many occasions, one persons observations, and the way they convey it to the layman, deserves further promotion.


  5. Well you can be sure our Tom Gordon will be cheering on during this “grilling”, but why do you imagine its going to be a “grilling” Tom?

    Have you perhaps some wicked insight tucked up your sleeve or are you still trying to get a job at the Express?

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  6. Just watching BBC Panorama’s investigative programme into the UK’s private equity-owned commercial care home sector – astonishing complexity of company structure; operating on very high levels of debt; extraction of money from company revenues – coming from public sector funding and from individual residents – to pay interest charges and dividends; involvement with offshore tax havens.

    It’s a subject that has come up often here on TuS. Worth a watch!

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  7. Huge spike in alcohol-related deaths, Public Health England has stated. 80% increase in fatalities in the North-East (England) alone, for example.
    Addiction service in England have had budgets SLASHED by No10.

    Ofcom report nearly all children in England have fallen behind with their education, and inequalities have grown.
    Will this be reported on the BEEB?

    Will there be calls for the Education Minister and Health Minister to quit?
    Will BBC Hootsmon place this evidence in any kind of context/perspective, when reporting on Scotland?

    Will DRossie be door-stepped? Hi Jack?
    What does Starwars know, and when did he know it?
    If he knew, why the silence?

    Where is Cauld-Ham? Has he been reported missing?
    I miss my nightly chortles at his one-man show, with his running gag that he KNOWS BEST– often with a smirk, and a wee dance as if bursting for a p!sh.

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