Scottish infection rate falling but stuck in UK

You’ll find no mention, in the source many of us pay a licence for, of the above news that Scotland’s pandemic measures seeming to be working better than elsewhere but I thought you might like to know, so here it is:

And today, the infection rate in England nearly twice as high as in Scotland. What could have caused this? Sticking with face coverings obligatory in public places? Whose idea was that? The SNP Government. Really? I’ve not see that on ‘the news.’


3 thoughts on “Scottish infection rate falling but stuck in UK

  1. The most up to data re.Omicron
    From S.Afirica is beginning to look ominous in that hospital admissions are beginning to rise fast
    Early days and Vax rates in S Africa low
    But in comparison S.Africa has a very disprotionate younger population
    Than Scotland
    That is the area of most concern
    More data on hospital admins.required
    As to age , level of vaccinations
    However the data to date is showing a steeper and faster upward curve Than was shown at the onset of Delta in S.Africa
    Which is very strong evidence that Omicron is far more virulent
    The jury is out on if more aggressive,vaccine and immune response
    I not crying Wolf but stating that I see movement in the bushes were wolves usually emerge from

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    1. Never occurred to me you were crying wolf p1uk.

      Personally, I’ve always thought it’s better to voice concerns, be maybe overcautious and be proved wrong than the alternative.


      1. iusedtobeenglish
        I concur 100 %
        When i was learning to fly it was drummed into me
        ” That runway behind you is the most usless thing in aviation for both take off and landing”
        And so is the time that has passed you by and a closed mind in life
        Little does the Clown Bojo realise that his hideously expensive elite education singularly fails to impart such wisdom


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