Powering England’s green revolution and STILL paying extra for the privilege

BBC Scotland not reporting UK Government discrimination

From the SNP today:

The UK Tory government has ignored a request from MPs to review the higher electricity grid charges for electricity producers in Scotland.
Currently it costs more for Scottish electricity producers to connect to the grid than elsewhere in the UK and across the whole of Europe. Responsibility for grid charges in the UK lies with the Westminster government.
Scotland currently has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity, however grid charges implemented by the UK government mean that Scottish windfarms are 20% more expensive than farms south of the border.
A 1GW offshore windfarm off the Scottish coast will pay £38m a year and a 1GW windfarm off south east England will get paid £7m a year – a £45m differential and close to £1bn over a 20 year period.

Back in May 2021, I wrote:

The UK Government with the help of the BBC likes to make much of the UK’s green revolution. See this from June 2020:

Rarely heard, especially on BBC Scotland is the extent to which Scotland makes this, otherwise impossible achievement, possible.

The report doesn’t mention Scotland. Why should it mention Scotland? But it gives me the opporchancity to repeat this:

In Energy Voice on 28 January 2020:

‘Mammoth Highland offshore wind farms are footing a bill of around £20 million more per year than English projects to connect to the grid, according to the builder of what will be Scotland’s biggest wind venture. The levied regime in the UK, called transmission charging and set up by the energy regulator Ofgem, is understood to be a major disadvantage to projects in the windiest regions of Scotland – with a £20m per year price tag that could rise to £30m by 2025’

Not only is Scotland paying extra to connect to the grid, but the electricity is then being transferred to England, Wales and Northern Ireland to compensate for their lack of generation and to help the UK appear to be meeting its carbon reduction target. See:

Government figures reveal the massive and increasing level of transfer of electricity from Scotland to England. In 2018 only, the transfer rate increased from 13 512 GWh to nearly 25 000 GWh. 1 GWh would heat 700 000 homes!


Note that the ratio of transfers from Scotland to England compared with those from England to Scotland is 25 to 1!

And it’s not just electricity from renewables, the UK’s claims for tree-planting conceal something:

New figures published today [11th June 2020] show that despite the COVID-19 challenges, Scotland delivered over 80 per cent of all new tree planting in the UK.


No change?

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6 thoughts on “Powering England’s green revolution and STILL paying extra for the privilege

  1. I think the energy and environmental matters for Scotland are huge, and some of the most unequal and undemocratic matters impacting Scotland, as ‘part’ of the so called UK. To have the country next door controlling much of your land and energy supply and policy is just downright scary. It’s why devolution is akin to having both hands tied while trudging through mud, with a rope in the mouth, pulling a horse and cart, and being fed every once and while by your cruel nasty master.

    The English government call the shots, what is perplexing is why so many in Scotland believe that is OK.

    It’s also why it’s crucial to take time to look at the SNP consultations on such things as land reform/rights and second homes etc, because those with second homes who live in Scotland very part time if at all, cannot be allowed to vote on any matters in Scotland, elections or referendums, it’s immoral to allow that imo.

    It’s good to see this being brought to peoples’ attention now as with many other powers retained, reserved powers to the next door country’s choice of government,
    many people still have no idea about this disparity and unequal side of being shackled to the so called union. It could hardly be more unequal, and only independence can stop the EngGov from siphoning more of Scotland’s energy, industry and livelihoods away, than they already do.
    The union is utterly detrimental to the welfare of Scotland in so many ways, it has to end and end soon.

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  2. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the electricity interconnector originally planned between Norway and Scotland was moved to England.
    The Norwegians wouldn’t have viewed having to pay the same charges as Scottish generators very favourably.

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