Johnson faces pressure to catch up with FM’s booster rollout


Leaving aside the second story ignoring ‘the English still without power’, the Telegraph is now the only paper sticking with, as opposed to sticking it to, Johnson.

The sheer contempt for readers in ignoring the facts is, of course, to be expected.

What are the facts?

Sturgeon’s Scotland has given the booster jag to 31% while Johnson’s England has only done 27% and that’s if we can trust the PHE stats.

Scotland leads on delivery of all 3 jags and is ahead of England on all 8 age groups.




8 thoughts on “Johnson faces pressure to catch up with FM’s booster rollout

  1. The very sad thing is the the MSM will not report this.
    In the National today Theresa Ahmed Sheikh has an article titled ‘led by donkeys from another country’. She is talking about Covid and honesty. All this ties into a general malaise down the road and in the media. Our media on the whole never hold power to account. They are poor.
    If only we were free and that a descendant of Hadrian would come and sort his ancestors wall.

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  2. So L.B.J has promised 23 million booster jags to be delivered by the end of next month, and yet I have just heard a senior medic from a major London hospital saying that that isn’t achievable, due to the fact that they don’t have enough available staff. Apparently, the difference from the first wave is that then they could divert medical staff from other duties, because minor procedures were being cancelled.
    Appealing for volunteers, so this looks like another back of a fag packet idea, thought up by the liar between his second and third bottle of vintage champagne.
    While it might seem laughable, the probable result will be the same as his care home fiasco, and yet more people will die, unnecessarily.

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    1. And, of course the FM – treating the people of Scotland as intelligent people who are capable of making nuanced evaluations – has indicated that recruiting additional staff to carry out the vaccinations is an issue.

      Of course the ‘tag team’ (as named by Mr Alex Massie) of Ross and Sarwar, will present this as a failure of the SG.

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  3. O/T John might be of interest.
    Re Barbados,I emailed Tory MP Ben Bradley on his stand that its British democrat way to allow countries to decide for themselves so why not Scotland,reply.
    Unfortunately, as you are not a constituent, Ben is unable to reply to this email.
    Is it not disgusting he and others can go on TV spouting forth against us being an independent country but won’t reply and smearing our MPs and MSPs all the time.
    Rant over.

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  4. Yesterday, St Andrew’s Day, 30, November, 2021, the number of vaccinations given in Scotland since the programme started in January, 2021, passed 10 million.

    This is a remarkable achievement.

    Yet, the Scottish media, which loves headlining ‘milestones’ or ‘iconic’ or ‘psychologically significant’ failed to mark this ‘tsunami of jags’.

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