Cringe Supreme

The Herald seeks again to undermine, denying its readers a sense of what is really happening around them that they might then use to guide their actions and perhaps even feel a bit better about.

These graphs can do that:

Scotland currently (the news?) has the lowest infection level in the UK, has had for most of the last month and overall had the lowest rate in the pandemic. That spike at the end of August was not despite stricter face mask wearing but perhaps because of lower natural immunity levels due to the earlier successes, mass tourism from more infected areas in August and a more effective testing system.

Here is a fact worth knowing about Scotland’s stricter regime:

Far fewer infected and perhaps even more important:

Far fewer deaths.

Finally, largely ignored by ‘our’ MSM, a far better vaccine rollout led by SNP health secretaries:

I’ve tried to contain my anger, disgust and despair at this Herald front page.

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5 thoughts on “Cringe Supreme

  1. Ehm John, the two graphs are the same.

    It is indeed disgusting that media the media contrive to convince Scots of conditions other than their reality.
    It is no accident that the Herod and Marr are running with the same tripe.

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  2. Ah, but! Remember that the Heralds Health correspondent was on the Andrew Marr show this morning hosted from Pacific Quay.

    The Heralds stories were concocted in advance of the show and to be printed for todays Sunday edition and held up in camera and discussed by Andrew Marr in front of a UK audience.

    Rather sadly the Heralds correspondent who had been very self assured up to that point, became rather flustered when trying to explain to Andrew Marr that this was a very bad SNP thing.

    Now a boring Herald “Snow”, “New Rangers manager” or Scotland’s current relatively low Covid infection rate story would not have fitted the BBC agenda at all 🙂

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