Scotland sees staggering drop in levels of people needing foodbanks, due to SNP policies

In the Herald yesterday:

The £10 a week payment for low-income families with children under six has been credited for lowering the need for food banks in Scotland compared to other parts of the UK. 

Scotland is the only area of the UK that has seen a marked decrease in the number of emergency food parcels from food banks in the Trussell Trust network in the past six months, compared to the same period in 2019.

The data:

The Herald report suggests:

Based on Food Foundation, August 2021

We see here another clear piece of evidence that the SNP is the only large party in Scotland with a commitment to act on behalf of the poor to reduce their suffering at the hands of the Westminster government and, contrary to the ill-informed claims of supposed leftists such as even Frankie Boyle, a truly leftist party.

This Herald report also illustrates that though it and the Scotsman are predominantly campaigning against the SNP, unlike BBC Scotland, their output is not monolithic with, sometimes, younger writers able to offer quality journalism against the dire propaganda of the likes of the old grey men, Tom Gordon, Iain Macwhirter and others.


3 thoughts on “Scotland sees staggering drop in levels of people needing foodbanks, due to SNP policies

  1. The simple fact that after 460,000,000,00 barrels of oil having been extracted from Scottish waters to date
    That even only 1 child had required only 1 meal from a food Bank that in itself would have been a National disgrace
    Shame Shame Shame on all of Westminster, all Unionists and the compliant MSM who aided and abetted
    Such plumder
    Their shall be no forgiveness or responsible place for any of you in a Independent Scotland
    Never in human history hath a Nation found such bountiful natural wealth and actually became poorer
    You stand accused and no magnaminity
    Shall be granted upon your impending

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  2. Good news as far as it goes.
    Our society should not need food banks at all, poverty is a policy of government. Not every country needs foodbanks due to them having a better wellness culture. London does not even know what that word means nor do they care. They never have.

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  3. I read Kathleen Nutt from the National is to move to the Herald so will hopefully bump up the more positive pieces. No matter what the SNP do they will never go far enough for some who seem to want a more belligerent response or policies that would antagonise the other half of the population
    Keep these good news stories coming!


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