Time for Scotland to go with this flow


Dublin to Zeebrugge, 572 miles in 11 hours and 44 minutes.

Rosyth to Zeebrugge, 467 miles so 9.5 hours.

No brainer?

What Brexit has done to England and to Ireland in one dramatic image.

14 thoughts on “Time for Scotland to go with this flow

  1. There’s no accounting for the stupidity of Brexiteers, but of course they don’t care if people or goods are shipped via the long route, it would be funny if it wasn’t such a costly and ridiculous mess. The Brexiteers have foreign passports it’s amazing what money can buy, the people who are going to suffer are those stuck in little Britain, little isolated backward tax haven Britain. Brilliant.
    What will it take for the no voters in Scotland to wake up and get on with helping secure independence for their kids and grandkids’ sakes if not for themselves.
    SNP need to get some good graphics going, people don’t read so much these days, a tale of two futures, one forward looking and inclusive, the other, utterly unequal and catastrophic, which would you choose for your kids?

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  2. O/T
    FM relaxes covid rules for Xmas. The FM has relaxed rules to allow lft test results instead of vax certs for night clubs etc.
    You can just register your lft as negative no matter what the result really is.
    Even truly negative one is only 58% accurate.
    Traditional Xmas like last year.

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  3. I thought about that too.
    Back in the 60s there was a proposal for what was called Eurobridge. The concept was to get container vessels to come to Hunterston, which has some of the deepest, near shore, water anywhere in the uK, unload onto railway flatbeds which would be taken across Scotland, probably to Rosyth for onward dispatch to wherever they were going in Europe. One possibility was the use of barges which would could go past places like Europort and go right into the heart of Europe, rather than unloading at Europort and being transported otherwise to their final destination.
    At that time, the proposal was to shut Ravenscraig and many other Scottish steel sites and build a new integrated works at Hunterston, where the raw materials would be landed close by, used and then re-exported. Unfortunately, while the Chair of BSC, Monty Finnieston, backed it, it died after he gave up office. Eurobridge went the same way.
    However, IF Scotland was in the EU – or even the EEA I suspect – a possible arrangement would be for Irish (and other nations’) boats to come to Hunterston, unload, their containers (or otherwise) being taken to Rosyth by train for onward dispatch to Europe as above. BUT this would only work if Scotland was in the EU – otherwise they might as well come through the UK.
    I noticed this map in a tweet last night, and the guy who tweeted it got back to me to say that the above wouldnt work because there were too many loadings and unloadings. The proposal is from Cork or Dublin to Zeebrugge, so one loading and one unloading. The above would mean loading at Dublin/ Cork; unloading at Hunterston; loading at Rosyth; unloading in Europe. So instead of two loadings/ Unloadings there would be four. His view was that the increased cost of the extra loadings/ unloadings would make it unprofitable.
    I have to say I’m not sure. The original Eurobridge concept was in the 60s and referred to how busy the Channel was, and this wont have got any better.
    The other problem is that Hunterston will, I am certain, be owned by Peel Ports who bought almost all the riverside land by the Clyde up some time ago. A development like this, if successful, would kill Clydeport stone dead, so I doubt they would be keen to facilitate this happening.
    An old friend, Nick Dekker, is doing work on Peel and I will bring to his attention so hopefully he might come along to give us the benefit of his wisdom.

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    1. Hi iamsoccerdoc, would you say hello to Nick Dekker for me please. He was the first person I was placed with, when I joined the Yes compaign. Since I had never canvassed/leafleted before, his knowledge and experience was a big help. Tks.


  4. Should England respond to an independent Scotland in the same way it did to force us into their union in the first place,by raising prohibitive tariffs on our exports,then any route which bypasses them would be profitable.
    This has to be in our thinking for independence,if for no other reason than to make them think again.
    As always,the English establishment and their supporters think that England is invulnerable to foreign threats and always holds all the cards in any “negotiations”.
    We have to assume that England will not play ball with us and make our plans accordingly.
    Given their belligerence,bravado and bluster during the present discussions with the EU,we can see what to expect.

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    1. What London did to Ireland was to force an old issue, by-passing the gatekeepers, the City of London and what they sought to abuse, the land-bridge.

      Ireland’s concerns were not about loss to businesses along the route but having security of supply with perfidious albion frankly playing silly buggers, not least amplified by the Scottish Tories, Scottish media and the London led Brexiteers.

      Alister Jack and DRoss knew fine well the A74 would never see funding beyond filling potholes, hence their huge song and dance over improvements to draw disenchantment from the electorate over lack of investment in full knowledge they were making promises they would never have to keep.

      We could learn much from Ireland and I’m quite sure they are willing to share their experiences, bypassing London should be our objective in every sense, they’ve abused us enough.

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  5. Lets get on with this FERRY TO EUROPE FROM SCOTLAND

    GLASGOW TO DOVER 470 mls 8hrs
    EDINBURGH TO DOVER 468mls 8 1/2 hrs

    ROSYTH to Zeebrugge 467mls 9 hrs

    This is a complete no brainer
    Roughly same travel time but drivers not bribing g so less pollution
    From fuel and Quicker from transport

    We are going to get all this set up, it will provide hundreds of jobs
    And lots of money coming into SCOTLAND

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  6. The Torygraf is reporting the EU’s future Exit-Entry System scheme will require diigital ID with biometric checks for non-EU entrants. This will render ports like Dover a serious choke-point, and should be a boost to ferry transportation from Scotland.

    What we need, though is a company willing to front it up.
    CBI Scotland, are you there?

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    1. Yes I read that guff also. The new EU entry scheme, similar to Canada’s is to allow quicker access in and out of airports as security can vet people before travel. In Canada it is £9 and EU will be £7 each valid for two years. A less complex version of America’s ESTA system.
      It is not got road travel. The system designed a few years ago was supported by the U.K.

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    1. Google does not bring up anything recent about a fast ferry service on the Dublin Zeebrugge route, however searches show the world record speed for a commercial fast ferry is 58.1 knots, around 67 mph. More typical ferry speeds are around half that or less. Fuel consumption on ships increases exponentially with speed. I would presume that for container and unaccompanied trailer freight speed is less likely a consideration than cost, and that its perhaps less likely to be commercially attractive to offer a 12 hour service. The base load on ferry services is regular freight, not seasonal tourists. Airfreight services exist. Bearing in mind the loading and unloading time required even a service that could make the crossing in under 12 hours would be pushing its luck making a return crossing every day to schedule, so again, theres not a great gain from high speeds viz asset utilisation. It would be great if we could get a sub 12 hours service from Scotland, but even the return of the 20 odds hours superfast boats would gladden my eye. I loved them, and did use them ( incidentally, I recall it was considerably more expensive to sail from Rosyth than South Shields or Hull when SF did operate. The most successful airline is Ryanair. Most people will trade inconvenience for money ).

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