Reporting Scotland miss NHS Scotland’s emergency services improving for THIRD week in a row

Reporting Scotland today focus bizarrely on one Health board as their Covid cases surge down from 350 to 100 and ‘full capacity.’

Four weeks ago, they were trumpeting the worst A&E waiting times ‘on record’:

Since then, A&E stories have disappeared. Could this be why:

Percentage seen within 4 hours:

  • Week-ending 24 October 2021: 69.6 (worst ever)
  • 31 October: 71.4
  • 07 November: 73.8
  • 14 November: 75.2

And as winter approaches too!

2 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland miss NHS Scotland’s emergency services improving for THIRD week in a row

  1. Good news in Scotland, is NOT news for the BEEB.
    Nor is news from England used in context—unless it shows Scotland in a BAD light.

    Scotland has a First Minister, but for the BEEB, she HAS to be “balanced” by an equal amount of time given to DRossy, ditto Starwars, then Cauld-Ham has to get a wee girn in.
    Not to mention the “experts” from the hospitality industry.
    Or the “experts” from These Islands, slipped in by subterfuge.

    Never any “balancing” for the “Boris Slots” in the BBC Network News.
    He gets two or three free outings every night.

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  2. A certain Amateur in Military Strategy
    Thought he was a expert,many believed him
    But we all know how that one ended up for the believers and millions of non believers.
    I do believe this expert went by the name of Adolf Hitler
    A most dangerous strategy letting ignorant amateurs believe they are experts
    Ah but ABC (BBC ) are on mission (impossible) are they not
    But in Scotland they merely add to the Non believers and a fate awaits them that
    Oh yes they will be forced to believe

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