Massive drop in Islamic terrorist threat in Scotland

The Herald

I don’t understand journalism. I’ve been told that. One TV editor suggested that it was all very well for academics, spending time to find accurate evidence.

The editorial decision above is a classic. There were only 7 referrals for concerns related to Islamic extremism, less than a fifth of that, 37, in 2017/18.

45% of the 55 referrals in total were for concerns related to right-wing extremism, up from 22, so doubled.

Which is the more dramatic, thus newsworthy headline, down by 30 or up by 22, five times lower or twice as high?

The headline is also inaccurate and presumably chosen because the facts are too boring. These are referrals for people who, in the main, have only shared social media information on ‘extremism’ or on forms of terrorism.

2 thoughts on “Massive drop in Islamic terrorist threat in Scotland

  1. The colonial media in Scotland?

    Analysis? Context? Perspective?
    Yawn, yawn and double yawn! Open wide–let Starwars see yer molars!

    If they could tie it to Nikla or the “Extremist” Greens, then the headlines would be different.

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