BBC Scotland faces shortages of health scare stories

Above, today’s headline story, the tragic death of one man and his non-medic wife’s belief that the cause was covered-up.

Below, the almost identical story with no updated information of any note that I can see, repeated only 24 hours later.

Surely John Beattie has a neighbour who knows someone who knows some one who died in hospital. A big Union Flag in the garden would be a nice bonus.

If things don’t improve, they’ll need to ask Anas Sarwar to get one of his in-laws to scour their practice records for a suitable candidate.

9 thoughts on “BBC Scotland faces shortages of health scare stories

  1. Surely the “BEEB in the north of the true North” will have a “weed” shop owner from Amsterdam on, to blame Nikla for his probs.
    A dance-hall impresario from Vienna to weep and moan about the “Nats”.
    Someone/anyone from Belarus–“why doesn’t Nikla give “them” a bed”?
    DRossies pet coo—“Master Dug doesn’t make enough dosh to buy me corn, thanks to Nikla and the “Seps””!
    Boris/Hon Sarah—“you could have had trains, but Nikla stole ALL the money”!
    Starwars—“I can hardly afford the fees for schooling my weans, or to visit with Daddy in the “old country”, all thanks to Nikla covering up inflation”!
    “Whine, whine, groan, groan,
    stuck in a corner here alone.
    Yer heart wid need to be made of stone,
    not to listen when I moan,
    wearin’ my all-Scotland dunces cone.
    Earned for being a glaikit drone”!

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  2. Anas Sarwar was in full ”ambulance chasing ” mode at FMQs yesterday .
    Not only was this execrable political chancer pushing the latest death story from QEUH but he plumbed the depths ( again ) by dragging in the Millie Main story .
    He is a man without shame – or scruples !
    But then , he is the Millionaire leader of the Scottish People’s Party – so he doesn’t do irony either !

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  3. How often have we seen BBC Scotland recycle these articles as somehow new for days if not weeks on end, a missing comma inserted, a spelling error corrected, anything to promote it DESPITE ZERO INTEREST FROM THE READERS.

    This particular article suffered hours of criticism from elsewhere until the BBC demoted it rapidly..
    Today with the aid of the BBC Tardis it’s right back where it started 24 hours ago, promoted on both Scotland and Scotland/Politics web-pages, currently “2 hours old”, but most will recognise it for what it is, desperation by the propagandists as they haven’t been updated on the latest wheeze from Spin-Central in London.

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  4. Just watched Prof Sridhar’s Fulbright lecture at Pembroke College this afternoon. She managed a complimentary reference to Scotland in the talk and a very complimentary reference to Ms Sturgeon in the Q&A that followed the talk. One thing you can say about Prof Sridhar is she won’t be put off saying something if she thinks it is important to say it even when she knows it will earn her dog’s abuse on social media.

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  5. O/T but staying with BBC Scotland.

    As posted here recently, from an article in the US magazine Wired in 2017 (by Emily Dreyfuss) we learn that: ‘The human brain has a built-in tendency to conflate the aberrant with the norm. The news industry—and certain politicians—know this all too well.’

    This seems highly relevant when reviewing this evening’s (19 November) BBC Reporting Scotland.

    In a piece on Covid vaccinations in Scotland the editors chose to show some pictures. Any guess who the pictures showed delivering vaccinations? Yes, members of the ‘armed forces’.

    From personal experience during 2021 of now four visits to three different vaccination centres – including two ‘mass’ centres – I spotted zero staff in forces’ uniforms.

    From public information on: (i) the total number of Covid vaccinations delivered across Scotland to date; and (ii) the number of armed forces’ personnel deployed to assist with Covid vaccinations in Scotland, this picture choice by BBC Scotland is an ‘exemplar’ of amplifying the ‘aberrant’, indeed the extremely aberrant.

    An attempt to influence – to manipulate – BBC Scotland viewers’ perceptions? How far can the public service broadcaster’s integrity – the quality of being honest and fair – descend in Scotland?

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    1. Noticed army personnel in a vaccination centre in one of Reporting Scotland’s items tonight. Never seen any in any of the vaccination centres (3) that I have attended.

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