Honorary US Army officer joins anti-independence business group

A new Advisory Council Member for the anti-independence group SBUK has popped up.

Scottish Business UK (SBUK) is an independent, non-party voice for business leaders who want to see Scotland thrive economically as part of the United Kingdom.

It seeks to make a positive case for that future and believes strongly that the campaign to break up the UK offers unacceptable disruption for business and public services, especially as Scotland tries to rebound from the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Ibrahim popped up in 2013, launching the Scotland Institute with Jackson Carlaw, Jo Swinson and Alistair Darling in 2013.

We ‘caught up with him then’ and wrote:

You could make this up but invite a lot of sniggering. This is all true. It’s not one of my daft spoofs. Seriously!

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim, Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, and Director at the Center for Global Policy in Washington has popped up twice in two days, in the Scotsman, seven years after famously warning Scots, in 2013, that only the Royal Navy could save us from Russian subs penetrating our waters.

Honorary US Army officer, Prof Ibrahim, set-up the anti-independence group, the Scotland Institute, with Jackson Carlaw, Jo Swinson and Alistair Darling in 2013. Was that legal? Well, it turns out he is a Scot with an honorary doctorate from Glasgow Caley and founded a hedge fund. More here:


The SI is incredibly unproductive and appears to have published nothing since 2013 until the prof appeared yesterday and today in the Scotsman:


Today’s article is mostly a rewarmed version of the one yesterday warning us that:

An independent Scotland would be much more vulnerable to the designs of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.


For a research prof, Ibrahim offers little in the way of evidence. Most obviously, he does not tell us why his warnings do not seem to apply to wee Ireland, Norway or Denmark, titchy Iceland or the quite defenceless Faroes. He doesn’t mention the ‘broad shoulders’ of NATO. Wouldn’t we be under the protective umbrella of that organisation, like all the other wee countries?

Here’s his ‘best‘ evidence:

Meanwhile, a newly independent Scotland would already be closer to Russia’s sphere of influence through the various friendships cultivated between Russian influence agents and the SNP (remember the close ties between Alex Salmond and Russia Today, to name but the most well known example)

Doesn’t the pro-Union George Galloway balance the power at RT?

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5 thoughts on “Honorary US Army officer joins anti-independence business group

  1. Next up—

    The EU.
    The fish wont swim in an independents Scotland’s seas. The birds wont fly, the deer wont run.
    We will have a border 9 miles high, with barbed wire and armed guards (Ed Miliband).
    Plagues of locusts, droughts, floods, fire, frogs, famine—that’s if we are LUCKY!
    DRossie and Starwars will join their Westminster comrades in Londonshire and NEVER RETURN!

    We are doomed—to die laughing!

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  2. Scotland’s ”close ties ” with Russia via SNP association with …who ?

    What about the ”close ties” the Tories have with oodles of Russian Dark money ? Does that not put them within Putin’s sphere of influence ?

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  3. I would be worried for the welfare of any Russian forces that had the temerity to march up the likes of Achamore Road in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland. We may have the best-educated workforce in Europe but we also have an abundance of wee nyaffs ready to have a square go. The empire for years has sent in Scots troops to soften up the opposition in conflict areas. I’m pretty sure the Russians are aware.


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