Hope for Scottish Labour as Sir Keir’s lot pull ahead of worst UK government in history by massive 1.66%?

Ben Jennings cartoon 21 November 2021
 Illustration: Ben Jennings/The Guardian

Those who cling to the dream of a better Britain have been a shrinking group for some time now. Those who remain might be taking heart in the last six polls where the Tories no longer lead but it’s an average lead of less than 2 points for Labour. It’s still too close to call.


The electorate or at least some of them have begun to shift toward Sir Keir but they’re not sure about it, despite the horrors of the Eton ‘Sleaze’ Government of 2019 to whenever.

At best, they’d need another Lib Lab pact and with a leader who also has something of the knight about him. Would the Liberals try that again?

I know, Gordon Brown to return as Labour Leader like the corpse of El Cid propped up on a horse?

Ben Jennings cartoon 21 November 2021

4 thoughts on “Hope for Scottish Labour as Sir Keir’s lot pull ahead of worst UK government in history by massive 1.66%?

  1. Interesting thing about this is that there is no majority for anyone without the SNP.
    If this looked likely to play out then how do you think the Tories will address this? Wee Nippie running the country? Something like that? Sure Starmer will protest as his lead over the Tories disappears.
    Also, bojo will have more MPs. If you can think back that far remember what it was like getting Heath out of downing Street in 1974.
    Polls like this beg more questions than it answers. It shows just how much bojo has injured himself with sleaze allegations. If Starmer can make political capital to secure clear water between him and the Tories then that would be significant (though remember sitting governments tend to pull back upwards of 5% during the campaign). Alternatively Boris gets his mojo back. Either that or a knife in the back. Never underestimate the Tories’ lust for power

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    1. An early election (much postulated in the Tory press) is now certain to bite the dust.
      Has Shir Keir the stamina, personality and nous to keep “sleaze” top of the news cycle?
      If he can, then the men in Grey Suits will be chappin’ the door at No 10, on behalf of his ambitious neighbour.
      Still, the golden mist surrounding Boris has lifted, and he is revealed in his sordid, saggy underpants. Is it enough to shift “middle England” leftward?
      He still has control of the BEEB, and much of the English press.

      The best Labour can get, as things stand, is a hung parliament. The Tories still have the Orange Ulster card up their sleeves, and they wont be backwards in slipping it out, no matter the cost.

      Sturgeon ( I have my doubts as to how long she wants to, or will last), if no indyref2 has happened, should state explicitly that a majority of Scottish pro-independence MP’s elected for Westminster, will fulfil Thatcher’s electoral stipulations for independence negotiations to start.
      Then pull all SNP MP’s out of Westminster, and appeal to Biden, the UN and EU to intervene–pointing to 1916 Ireland as an exampler as to England’s previous.

      The SNP should avoid any discussions, pacts or nudge-nudge, wink-wink flirtation with Labour, to happen or appear in the media.


  2. The young YouTuber I follow, Max Robespierre does excellent videos and livsetreasm on all things UK politics shenannigans, but he doesn’t wholly understand Scotland in particular the SNP, he’s very keen on Labour and only slightly manages to dis Tory Starmer. I have been trying to educate him a bit but it’s hard work ( he gets a lot of views on his channel) anyway he mentioned the polls which would mean Tories losing their 808 seat majority, and that if, say ‘Labour went into coalition with the SNP’ they would be booted out of power. Sigh, sigh. Haven’t Labour always poo pooed the idea of any coalition with the SNP anywhere in the universe and actuall,y in Scotland are in coalition with their Tory pals in quite a few councils.

    My point is, some people especially in England it seems, actually believe that Labour are a decent left wing party who oppose the Tories, it’s incredibly deluded and scary really.

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    1. Art I rather suspect that the problem for Labour is less the need or even the possibility of a coalition with the SNP, as how the media would roast them if it was even a remote possibility, no matter how many denials Starmer issued. Remember Miliband’s experience in 2015!

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